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Does it hurt if girls get hit in the groin?

July 25 2004 at 9:12 PM
Frank  (Login HoneyBunny84)

I just want to know if gir;s can be hurt as guys can, and please be honest!

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(Login Xuxan)

Re: Does it hurt if girls get hit in the groin?

July 25 2004, 10:21 PM 

In the groin - absolutely not.


(no login)

Re: Does it hurt if girls get hit in the groin?

July 26 2004, 1:27 AM 

Frank, girls don't have external genetalia so getting kicked in the groin is virtually painless to them. What makes it so painful to us is that our testicles are ultra-sensitive and even a light kick is painful. But if you want to be sure, ask one of your girlfriends if you can kick her in her groin.

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Re: Does it hurt if girls get hit in the groin?

July 28 2004, 9:23 PM 

I actually heard it was a myth that it didn't hurt girls much to get hit in the groin. And it was women who told me this. Perhaps most people don't know because it's an area that's less likely to be hit as it doesn't hang out as much as guys stuff.

I'm no expert, but getting the tip of a shoe, from an upward kick, to that area can't tickle.

(Login Xuxan)

Re: Does it hurt if girls get hit in the groin?

July 28 2004, 9:35 PM 

Well yes the tip of a shoe I think would cause tremendous pain in a woman- as much as a swift kick in the groin

(no login)

It Does

July 28 2004, 10:13 PM 

It hurts a women to get hit in the crotch as much as guy in most cases. Because the testicles are loose and hanging, and the vagina is compact, a blow of light force will be painful for a guy but not a girl. But because the vagina is compact the pubic bone is more vulnerable, so a blow of reasonable force force will be slightly more painful for females. In the groin are there is a pubic bone. Both women and men have this bone. When force is applied to the pubic bone, extreme pain almost always occurs, - male or female. This is not just some random fact, believe me. This is based on scientific knowledge.

(Login Xuxan)

Re: It Does

July 28 2004, 10:37 PM 

Thanks Bryan!

(Login Gene88)

Re: It Does

August 8 2004, 4:06 PM 

Just try and slap a girl's naked groin and a guy's hanging balls. Then just compare the two reactions.

Not to be named
(no login)

Boys yes girls??????

August 16 2004, 7:58 AM 

It hurts big time if your a boy (trust me)
Girl: Ithink it hurts but not as much as boys
+++why do some girls love kicking a guy in the groin?????

(Login bjorn841)

yes it does hurt

August 22 2004, 11:47 AM 


There are many females in this world who are too immature to admit that being kicked in the vulva is extremely painful.

The fact is, I have seen females get kicked in the vulva & they were in as much pain as any guy I have seen get kicked in the testicles. In the 2000 Olympics I saw Lauren Burns get kicked in the vulva twice and she had to take a time out and hold her vulva, she was in that much pain and she was wearing groin protection, in fact in most regions of the world it's mandatory for males & females to wear groin protection during combat in martial arts.

Yes the testicles are larger, they hang outside the body and can be hit easier, but the vulva is slightly more sensitive as it contains the Bartholens' Gland and the clitoris which are very sensitive and can be damaged very easily in fact a kick in the vulva can cause vulvadynia which is a disorder that produces severe pain in the vulva all the time for no reason and the only treatment is to put ice on the vulva to numb the pain, now if the vulva wasn't as sensitive as many girls on claim, then there would be no disease called vulvadynia, go do a search at Google and see for yourself and see what pain women who suffer from this disorder have to face.
A male cannot suffer from long term testicluar pain-like disorders after being hit in the testicles because they are far tougher in structure than the Bartholen's Gland, the Bartholen's Gland is so important as without it sex is extremely painful cause it produces the moisture that lubricates the vaginal passages during sexual intercourse.
Yes there will be some cases where some men & women will not be too hurt after a kick in the groin, while others will be, it all depends on what damage is done to the region, such as a the impact force, how it's inflicted, rupture or internal bleeding.
I also saw a female football player who got kneed in the vulva and she was in so much pain, she had to be carried off on a stretcher, now that proves that being hit in the vulva is as painful as being hit in the testicles and that is something that none of your girls on here can counter-argue.
I have studied the female and male genitalia for a long time and I have studied psycyhology as well and I have come across a large amount of girls who just cannot accept that being hit in the groin is painful for women too, so they make up ridiculous stories where they claim they were kicked and it didn't hurt, or how they kicked a guy and he was put in a hospital, it's all too common to hear these girls make up these lies (exept maby for the guy-hospital thing which is possible), it's just part of their immaturity, they do not want guys knowing females have a weakness too.
Here's the perfect example. Susan i dont want to offend u but im just making conlcusions. U sad that getting kicked in the vulva is absolutley not painfull at all. Well first things first. Getting kicked against ur body always hurts. Second of all u have to understand the biological course of the male body. The male body is build up out of the not fully developed female feutus (baby, correct spelling?) the clitoris will become the penishead, the labia majora will become the ball sack. dont know about the rest, but the sensitive nerves that are on the testicles arent developed after birth, they also come out of the female futus fundament. So girls also have these nerves and the mount out in the klit. so a good kick whilst it must be hard will hurt any female what so eva.

But sadly enough there is this stereo type going on that it will only hurt men, heck most men and female alike dont even know this nasua stabbing fact of the pain factor of females. And there is this thing about sexual assault (that is kicking a guy in the balls without u being attacked) to a men is funny (u see it in all sorts of movies and there was even a americas funniest home videos special dedicated to this "funny thing" (it is not)
But violence/sexuall assault to a women isn't funny in general. Like a guys friend would probaly laugh at his misfortune if he got nailed in the sack by a girl but her girlfriends would probaly not laugh if she got hit in her vulva by a guy.

(A mouthfull) And this is not a random fact.
thank u for your time, i know it is quit a bit of reading.

Bjorn (not my real name)

(Login Xuxan)

Re: yes it does hurt

August 22 2004, 1:22 PM 


You are correct in a way. Yes a woman who is involved in contact sports and receives a very strong blow to her vulva will experience extreme pain - and perhaps have vulvadynia. ( A very rare occurance - and the women who do have it - it is usually not for this reason.)

A ball/punch/kick being thrown in a sport is going extremely fast and would cause considerable pain - to either a man or a woman.

Men have conditions similar to vulvadenia - and sometimes get cancer because of receiving extreme damage to their testicles, have hernias, and other nasty conditions.

But there is no comparison between a relatively light kick a woman would give a man if she was upset at him and a a relatively light kick to a woman. A man would feel pain from a light kick whereas a woman would not.

The clitoris is protected far more than the testicles are. If direct contact was made to the clitoris - yes it would hurt tremendously - but the likelihood of that is small.


Caitlyn P.
(no login)

Women have the Advantage!

August 22 2004, 10:16 PM 

I once was fighting with my older brother and i was curious so i kicked him in the groin and bent over and started moaning. Also, I was playing baseball with his friend, and I hit the ball right into his balls and he dropped like a rock and passed out. Now, I've been kicked pretty hard in the crotch while playing soccer and it didn't hurt at all. So to all you boys who think that a crotch kick hurts a female, you're wrong. I'm glad i'll never have to get kicked and have it hurt like it does a man!!

(no login)

Re: yes it does hurt

August 25 2004, 9:28 AM 

(no login)

Yes it does hurt

August 25 2004, 10:10 AM 

Well i know perfectly well that the testicles are much more vulnerable then the vulva. The testicles hang out of the body and the vulva does not so the testicles are much easier to hit. I knew all about those nasty things that men could get from a groin kick, Like getting a hernia. I know that a light force to the female groin will not hurt a women as much as a it would a man. Only hard hits will have the same pain effect, but the hit to the female groin has to be aimed very precise.
And that is exactly my point.

Well first of all let me tell u about pain.
U have nerves that can give u different kinds of pain, like pain of when u fall on the ground and hurt ur knee (slow pain) , pain of a needle (fast pain).
The pain that u get of a groin kick is not like those pain sensations at all. Its a stabbing nasua kind of pain, your legs can feel very light like jelly, u can throw up and the feeling goes all the way up ur under stumoch, because of the nerves end there.

Maby u didn't followed me, because what i was trying to tell is that women can feel the same nasua stabbing pain as that a men would feel. So im not talking about the pain what u get of when u fall on the ground and hurt ur knee (slow pain, no, i'm talking about the same sick like feeling of what men have to endure. Thats because of what i told first about that we have the same nerves in our body.

So yes a men is likely to get hit easier in the groin not only of the vulnerablle position of the testicles but also because thats how it is.. Girls (like) doing that to do that (well there are ocasions that its nececary and then i would be less vicous, but i have read many forums and heard some stories of girls persnonaly and there reasons for it. Like that a girl told me that she was angry at her boyfriend because he neglected her and was mean to her and therefore she kneed him (did someone said sexuall assault?) And Girls often do this because its like this easy to raise ur knee or foot and the results are remarckable and satisfying and most of the time they think it was funny (i read on a forum somewere about 'her first time' -like she was no longer a virgin - and she said that she had to do it at least ones in her life becasue she thougt it was so funny. I also asked them if they've done it often to a guy and most of them responded: "oh lots of time" (and most of the time it was not for selfdefense, just all because they were angry and stuff). I didn't recall that any girl said to me that she was the unlucky one if u know what i mean

But to get back, no indeed a women isn't likely to get hit in the groin in everyday life, but what im telling is that they can feel the same pain as us.

This message has been edited by Xuxan on Aug 25, 2004 10:25 AM

(Login Xuxan)

Re: Yes it does hurt

August 25 2004, 10:57 AM 

Bjorn and others,

I personally do not have any experience with this idea of kicking/ kneeing guys for fun- or without provocation. I personally know of only one occassion when I have done it - and that was when was lying on my bed in my dorm room and a guy came thru an open window and jumped into my bed and tried to have sex with me. I am not sure what I did- but I was fighting with all I had.

But I do know I have been paralyzed with fear MANY times when guys have come onto me -not in nice ways- and refused to take no for an answer - or were so drunk or high that reasoning with them was not a choice. Sadly I have allowed guys to do things I really don't want them to do because I haven't had the guts to give them a swift kick.

I have instead convinced myself that being touched when I do not want to be touched is just a touch and doesn't really matter and I can get over it. Trouble is you don't. Each time you allow a guy to touch you inappropriately it leaves a permanent mark on your psyche. And eventually you get enough marks that it changes the way you view the world.

I've written elsewhere how I do not think I am marriage material. It is partly for what I describe here that I think this. I have a hard time standing up for myself and put other people's needs before mine. I would stay in abusive relationship too long. I don't want anyone to shut down their ability to defend themself the way I have.


(no login)

I can relate to that

August 27 2004, 3:51 PM 

Hey its me again. Im not gonna talk about the pain factor anymore. In my Letters i dicribed how unfair i think it is that men are often groin attack victims for no good reasons. Relating to that subject i found an article that describes exactly what i mean. Enjoy.


Television & Movie Industries Controlled by Feminists:
Every division of television is controlled by feminism or moderated; feminists control all material that is broadcasted on television. All television programs are screened by feminist organisations, & if these programs produce any material that is offensive to females in a manner that shows physical or physical violence against females, then the feminist organisations will publicly expose the network & the producer until their reputation is destroyed & the program will be taken off air.

Repression & Distortion:
All news services provided by the various television networks are also controlled by feminism; they are only allowed to broadcast statistics, news clips & information that portray females as being the "victims" & males as the "monsters".
These programs are only allowed to leak facts & statistics that give the impression that females are the victims of crimes with the offender being male, usually sex crime. Now, while these news channels are happy to distribute such facts, they refuse to release facts about false rape allegations, sexually assault or sexually violence performed by females, child murder, homicide & physical assault as in these crimes, females are the offenders at least 60-70% of the time & the victims usually are males 80% of the time.

Sexual Violence Against Men:
Now, as far as entertainment is concerned, we all know that the content shown in television & movies is always based around securing the best ratings, however the feminists have based all content around what they believe is acceptable & unacceptable.
Feminists claim that it is acceptable to show females kicking males in the testicles for no legitimate reason, with the intention to embarrass the male & make everyone watching laugh at him & think of the female as being a "hero", now this activity is shown in almost all programming shown on television, it would be very unlikely for there to be a program that has not shown a female kicking male in the testicles at least once.
Now feminists have forced producers to always invent a way of showing a female kicking a male in the testicles no matter what, as you will see they will usually resort to having a fight between a male & female & even if the female has won the fight & it not in any danger, she will kick the male in the testicles as "revenge" but what feminism refuses to show is females being hit in the vulva.
Now in these fight scenes, the females could be fighting either a male or female & she could be on death's door, but the feminists will not allow the producers to show her kicking the offender in the vulva to save herself, not even in self defence, feminists claim that it is unacceptable to show females or males kicking another female in the vulva even in self defence, they claim that the vulva is so sensitive to pain that acts of violence to this area are strictly unacceptable regardless of whether they are performed in self defence.
Now, feminists claim as the testicles are very sensitive to pain as well, that programming must show females kicking males in the testicles as a way to teach society that males have a weak target & that females should strike this target whenever they feel like doing so.
Now, feminists claim that it is unacceptable to teach society that the vulva is very sensitive to pain & is a weak target of the female body, because they claim this would encourage males to kick females in the vulva.
Ok, so as you can see the feminists contradict themselves in a variety of ways, it is evident that their sole purpose is to produce anti-male material that will cause public persecution of males as well as a way to educate females to commit sexual violence against males in the form of kicking them in the testicles.
Now as for movies, well there are a few that contain scenes where females are kicked in the vulva, rarely by males but the producers of these movies are brave & have enough courage to show such material & must be congratulated, while the rest of the producers are pathetic "working ants" who are controlled by the "queen ant".
If you are still wondering about how sensitive the vulva is, then I will answer your question right now. The vulva contains the Bartholin's Gland & the clitoris which are just as sensitive to pain as the testicles are, they are both tender structures that can be damaged by a low force must like such a force to the testicles causes.
The following statistics came from a study performed by the Journal of the American Medical Association in early December, 1995; you can view the original article at HERE

The second story was concerning a study of young boys being kicked in the groin which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in early December 1995. The authors noted, among other things, that most cases occurred in the 7th and 8th grades and further that "BOYS WITH A PHYSICAL LIMITATION, USUALLY EYEGLASSES [ed emph] or asthma, were three times more likely than other boys to get kicked in the groin. [Maybe this is why we are seeing fewer traumatic hyphemas (see follow-up note below); maybe these 'typical boys are now kicking the disadvantaged in the groin instead of punching them in the eye.
This behaviour was attributed to the fact that the groin kick these days now appears in many movies, as a dumb or heroic thing: kids are getting the message that it is OK to kick someone in the groin- either as a joke or to get even or punish someone. Nor is this traumatic experience to be taken lightly: a year after the study 25% of those disadvantaged boys who had been kicked in the groin had signs of depression and 12% demonstrated post-traumatic stress syndrome.
Although it was eyeglasses in this particular study that were offered as the physical limitation for which groin kicks were appropriately delivered, it is not a far reach of the imagination that any ocular abnormalities such as un-straight eyes might well provide a similar if not stronger rationale for the administration of a groin kick by those so inclined to manifest their rejection of their disadvantaged, other than 100% normal appearing, peers.

There are currently 1531 known movies that contain scenes in which a male actor is shown being kicked/kneed/punched/hit in the testicles,

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(Login Xuxan)

Re: I can relate to that

August 28 2004, 11:02 AM 


I actually agree with much of what is in the article you provided - except I am not at al sure this can be attributed to feminists. I consider myself to be a feminist and I do not want men treated prejudiciously in the media anymore than I want women to be. I have noticed a pattern of idiot husbands in TV comedy that I find offensive.

I know many of you will be unfamilar with these TV shows- but Everyone Loves Raymond is about as anti-male as a program can be. Raymond who writes his own material depicts himself as a person who is clueless about most everything. I do not find this program at all funny or endearing - but a source of amazement and anger.

Tim the Toolman is another where a male comedian writes himself into a storyline as a buffoon - I do find this funny, but pehaps because I find there is a greater attempt at balance with other characters. But on occassion I do think it goes overboard.

There are numerous other sitcoms that make fun of men.

I suppose it started back with All in the Family with Archie Bunker. This was an amazing program and was a trail blazer in television - but it did use Archie as an ignorant man to demonstrate the fallacies of conservatism.

I don't blame this on feminists. I blame this on corporations that buy the advertisments that keep bad comedy on the air. I blame it in the male comedians that bad mouth themselves. I blame it on the men who say nothing about the drivel and allow their children to watch it. Some feminists may have a hand in this, but I don't see them as the main problem.


(no login)

Re: I can relate to that

August 29 2004, 4:20 AM 

Personally I liked it in the old days when Hollywood had that standards code each movie had to live up to (not that I lived through this time mind you). Such as they couldn't show crime paying off, or people subjects dealing with the groin.

Personally I'm no fan of feminists (no offense), but that article seems a little over the top. Feminists screening movies for content and twisting them to their agenda? I know a lot of Hollywood types have pet causes, but I can't really only blame feminists. Especially when men probably make up the majority of producers and executives, and 1/2 the theater going population.

Personally I think they shouldn't show groin hits at all, but if they are, then show it on men and women.

(no login)

to all girls

August 29 2004, 8:26 AM 

about girls getting hit there I don`t think so.
but girls think before you kick.......

Once my cousin(girl) saw this site dedicated to hitting guys between the legs.....she got ubssesed about it.

She tried it to me with her high heels.
I passed out and next thing I know........................................I was in the nearest clinic wrapped up in blankets and clutching my eggs with fear.

I had to apply ointment for 2 weeeks.
That wasn`t a pleasnt expierience

Girls: don`t get upssesed with kicking guys in the nuts.

I admit that girls might be better than boys but there is no need to kick.

self defense: use that move when youre being attacked buy a guy it`s effective.

Think before u kick!

(no login)

Re: I can relate to that

August 29 2004, 12:27 PM 

Ur wright that article wasn't my own and i to thought it was a little bit to much about the femist thing but if u keep that part away it is all true. I mean Boys are tought at an early each in general that they musn't hurt girls becasue they are weaker by strenght. Girls are not tought that they musn't hurt boys. They learn that boys have these things between there legs and that they are very sensitive. These girls will see groin attacks in movies and television and see what would happend. then they become curious about it.
And boys arent tought that female groins are sensitive to. (i knew that fact when i was 15)

Abuse and humiliation toward men:
1: U can buy a marriage counceling kit for the female who can use it for the male. The slogan reads: thread him like a king, train him like a dog. And if he behaves good there are cochlate chip cookies provided with it u can give him. ( the people behind it thought it as humor)

2: I read on the net about a letter of an angry male who saw a cartoon were a women nailed a guy in the sac. There was a massage in it that couldnt be missed that was that the guy was castrated and the women was the hero of the cartoon. The guy wrote to the male script artist of the cartoon and they replied that it was sexual abuse towards men and there's nothing wrong with that.

3: On a car deal ship billboard u can see a women standing on a men as if she had conquered him and like she was the hero

4:I've recently saw sex and the city for the first time ever. I've heard that it was a succes comedy and many celerberties watch it. (most of them were female). The episode that i watched was called "sex and power" something. I watched it about 5 10 minutes and i realised it was a true feminist sitcom. Not only because of the female actors and there "struggle/life". but i soon saw a scene were 4 female friends were eating in a friends room and they were discussing to get promoted and be wealthier. I will qoute it: Female # 1: So how can we get to higher levels? # 2: Well, we could use our sexuallity on men.
# 3: but wouldn't that be abuse? # 2: Yes but its conflicted towards men and thats perfectly legal.

Get the picture. u can just call it feminist propaganda. but i can realte to u susan this reality isn';t just because of feminists. Its also becasue of men them selfs. Most men dont seem to have a problem with it. its like they just think that its just the way it is. That kicking guys in he balls was a reality that has been there for as long as there are people. But in fact it all started in the seventies. that was the period when it became "funny" and normal.

By the way i can go one for hours like this. i have lots of articles relating to this subject, but i think its all clear now, so i gues its just better we call it a day and i'l stop talking about it huh Susan?

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