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Prostitutes for disabled men?

May 12 2005 at 7:51 AM
Nick  (Login NicksCrusade)


I was raised feminist, I get guilty just thinking about the prostitution thing. Hell, I was saddled with guilt the one time I went to Hooters when I was 15. lol. I wanted to liberate the women and tell them they don't have to be objects!!

Anyhow, prostitution. Call girls. Isn't it immoral? I consider myself a person who tries to stick to my own high moral code.


Susan I need your take on this.

How do you personally reconcile this with feminism? You've recommended it to me and the Trey guy and another guy.

On the one hand, there are moral and self-respect problems for me with it on soo many levels. And the image of a prostitute is very negative, it's seen as the lowest of the low, doing crime to make money. On the other hand, I often get revved up about it. And it's inherently less immoral than the suicidal suffering from the depression and sickness of no sexual outlet. In recent news, I've had to drop out of college.

To get through this I need all the advice, support, hand-holding I can get.



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(Login Xuxan)

Re: Prostitutes for disabled men?

May 12 2005, 8:44 AM 


I don't think all prostitution is bad and demeaning. Some women do it because they honestly enjoy it, or desperately need the money, AND are working in fair and equitable working conditions. The problem is how do you find those girls/women?

Svletlana who does it cheap and speaks no English is probably working for a pimp and maybe under less than stellar conditions.

Mary Jane advertised as the girl next door southern belle may also work for a pimp, but if she is truly a native is probably at least a bit more savvy about life in the US and won't to be abused in order to have the right to be in this country.

First thing I would do is to look up AASECT on the computer. Call up all the local sex counselors and ask them if they know of any sexual surrogates. Explain that you are a disabled man who needs sexual help and are looking for legitimate help from a person of the opposite sex.

Next would be to find out what local paper has sex ads - every city has at least one paper. Look for ads with local numbers.

Prostitution is not a place to build relationships - but it can be used for sexual release and support for you to do for yourself what you want and need. I know it seems bad from everything that we are taught - but if everything is upfront and ethical it really is no different than an artist selling her skill to paint or draw or do web page design.. We place sex in this separate and mythical category - where it can be - but everyone does not get or want the opportunity to experience that way all the time. Sometimes we just want to have sex because it feels so damn good - and that should be OK in my book.


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Re: Prostitutes for disabled men?

May 12 2005, 10:05 AM 

I agree with Susan. Protistitution doesn't have to be a bad situation for the girl, provided that she is paid and not abused. I think the same with strippers. One can view both of these 'professions' as being degrading for women (especially if you're a feminist), because it objectifies women, but it also is a means to make quick cash, like porno films.

I'm sorry to hear that you dropped out of school Nick. It must have been rough for you. If I were in your situation, I would call up a call girl from the local newspaper and have her come to your home for a nominal fee. That would at least give you some sort of sexual release and you know that you would at least treat her like a human being. I wouldn't consider this as a means of finding a lover though (as Susan mentioned).


(no login)

prostitutes for disabled men??

May 12 2005, 12:59 PM 


If I were in your shoes I would call the private escort service. Do not just find any ol' prostitute on the street. Now thats demeaning. But since you do not seem to be interested in having sex with just anybody, why don't you try to find a relationship. Go to the internet be honest about your disability, and Im sure you'll find someone that wants to meet you. Your disabled, not dead!

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