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Is ballbusting a turn-on for women?

April 4 2006 at 9:05 AM
Upster  (no login)

Hi Susan

Here's an interesting one, I can always tell when my wife is horny because she hits me in the balls. She doesn't hit me hard, just enough to give me a stab of pain. It will always be around the time of her ovulation or just when she's horny. A friend of mine had a girlfriend who always tried to hit him in the balls because it turned her on so much.

Experts seem to agree that very few women have genuine fetishes, it's something that men generally have. The purpose of this posting is simply to find out what women on this forum feel about ballbusting and whether it is a common fetish for women.

By the way, having an orgasm after being hit in the balls is an amazing feeling, a combination of dull testicular pain and extreme pleasure all coming from the same place.

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Re: Is ballbusting a turn-on for women?

April 4 2006, 10:51 AM 

I don't know where you got your expert opinion that very few women have fetishes, but although it seems to me that some women's fetishes are far more ordinary than some men's - I think they still have plenty of them.

Ball busting seems to be a new thing. I am 52 and no one I know has ever been into this near my age. But it seems to be quite the thing with young women. So I can't really account for it. I don't think of it as a fetish - more something stupid and dangerous.

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Cool It

April 4 2006, 5:10 PM 

Something much more interesting and safer would be applying an ice cube to his penis just before cumming. Never tried it but hear it is good. It might accomplish what you are looking for , but in a saner and safer way.

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Re: Is ballbusting a turn-on for women?

April 4 2006, 11:42 PM 

I think it's an awful practise- hey, if you want to hurt yourself, go for it- but to tolerate some woman busting your balls!? FIND ANOTHER WOMAN!!! And yes, I'm a woman.

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becoming more popular?

April 20 2006, 10:19 PM 

I used to have a boyfriend who deliberately provoked me into hitting him in the balls occasionally, I suppose because he found being dominated/humiliated a turn-on. And yes, I have to admit that before long I found myself getting a thrill of sorts out of it, probably for much the same reason as he did - the idea that a smaller, weaker girl could overpower a bigger, stronger man with surprising ease. I wasn't really into the hitting/punching/kicking that he preferred,though. I much preferred to control him by holding his testicles in my hands and using pressure to transform him from self-confident, aggressive and dominant, to insecure, pitiful and subserviant during our foreplay. Would I call it a fetish? Not sure, but it sure transformed our relationship, and my attitude towards (and confidence around)men.
My feeling on this is that young girls should be taught about, and use, their natural advantage in intimate situations because this would encourage greater respect from their partners leading to a healthier relationship.This is certainly the case in japanese society, where girls naturally assume a physical parity with their male partners, and exploite their natural advantage without hesitation when necessary, commanding instant respect from their men!

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Well well,

April 21 2006, 10:11 AM 

I couldn't do this even if I wanted to now because I'm disabled. But I have to admit you would have cured one of my little fantasies when I was younger. I came too easily and far too often during masturbation. I thought the only way to get over it was to keep going. I wasn't very bright but I ejaculated more than ten times a day frequently. I was pretty sore by the time it was over. I secretly fantasized about a woman teasing me, but if I came too quickly I wanted to have a little punishment like you speak of. Then if I did it too quickly for her liking the second, third, 4th etc. the punishment would get more severe. I think this started by reading apartment house wrestling magazines where women battled women and whenever possible in sexual ways (groin or breast kicking). Of course, I didn't learn until adulthood that this was all fantasy. There's not much doubt I would have done this if I had the guts to find someone. I thought in a perverse way, that this would stop my premature ejaculations. By the sixth or seventh orgasm, I wanted full thrusting groin kick. I wonder if others have started their fetishes this way? As I got a little older (late teens) I really wanted it at times, and I really believed that some women liked to do this as a control thing like you and to go one step further ...perhaps to release their overall anger toward the male race (from possible bad personal experiences etc.). I wanted to "take one for the team," so to speak! I guess it's a darn good thing I didn't find the right girl eh? How weird do you honestly think I was? I haven't thought about this for a couple years, but your posting brought back the memory ...interested in any replies, Philly

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