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Unique Leigh Vs Demi From TanyaKicks!

April 28 2001 at 2:28 PM
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Dear Unique Leigh
You are a big favorite of mine,alot of the female in this business seem to be jealous of you, plus alot of tham will not fight your styel of fighting, what is so
different between BJJ And Your form of martial arts ?

I can think of some real good match up's with you,
one is Demi from tanyakicks and the other Christine
Dupree, I Had Though That a match between you and Ms
Dupree Was All Set At WWC2000 ? Did She Back Out ?
One Other Awesome Match Up Would Be With Tweety
And Yes Lil Jennie Or Know now as Destany.

Pound for pound you are , I think You are the best in the business @ competitive wrestler And If I May
The Most Erotic Women In Combative Sports Today.

chack out my yahoo club it is free and has over 900 members in it. The clubs is only 2 months old.
it is called the best combative women go to


and yes i have a photo of your salf in the club
thanks from a fan BIG MIKE NYC

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Forum Owner

For sure.... Let's do it!!!!

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April 29 2001, 8:08 AM 

Killer Idea's

Your letter was so Killer...Our Fighting technique has many concepts & moves Of BJJ .. Brad had most of his training in Japan so he was learning direct from the source... not the copy. We use what works & always look for other ways being never satisfied that our way is the only way. If ya get the time go to our home page & read Paths Philosophy.

Tweety would be a great Match for me .. I'd love to Wrestle her !! When she is ready I'm sure she will let me know.. I always hear she is a tough fighter so for sure I want to Wrestle Tweety...

Christine Dupree was going to Wrestle me at WWC98 on Sunday the second day. I was really fired up & knew if I was not at my best she would hand me my Buns for sure... After watching Dupree hit the mat... all day the day before at WWC98 we had no doubt Dupree was tough with real technique..

I had done around seven hours of Wrestling most of them Mixed ... That night I went slow on mixing to save myself for Dupree ... I woke early & wanted to train.. Brad knew a good meal & rest with review was all Ineeded to train would be a bad choice for sure...I still remember when I found out ; Dupree was to sore from Wrestling all day on saturday... I thought well for sure one day.. Let's Do IT!!!!

I will be contacting her to set a match & to tell ya the truth ! I think she will wrestle me for sure....Dupree is very professional & does not play games for Publicity from what I Know of her...I do want to have her Wrestle on the same card I wrestle Pippa on for sure...

Pippa & me will go at it for the Clash of the Champions A vs A-1 Title.. Wrestling Pippa for this title does make it a well deserved title no matter who wins... Pippa !!!! : you have all my respect & I look forward to Meeting you on the Mat !!!!

I wanted to face Sweet Destiny Woman to Woman & get the title back from her for sure... Maybe one day she will step up to the mat ? I just want to show her the best is yet to come ....

Right now.... My favorite is Peggy Brooks who got me twice.. Ya Know what I say to that: Let's do it!!!! Again !!!!
Thanks for watching My favorite Sport... WCSSW....

Your Tigress : Unique

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Unique vs Demi

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April 30 2001, 6:43 AM 

Hi Mike. The only way those women would take on Unique or any other real fighters would be in the catfighting genre like they did with Helen recently. They know they would stand a chance against women trained in jointlocks and chokes. Look what happened when Helen accidentally choked Tanya. She couldnt come back and even finish the fight. If Unique or Helen got them in a deliberate choke, the match would be about 10 seconds long. Can't make a tape that short! Christine is another matter. While she would provide much better competition for Unique, Christine focuses more on the scripted action and I think Unique would be able to take her. It would just take longer because Christine really can fight. Tweety is another good choice since she has a lot of spirit but I think her size would hamper her even on the mats. Tweety splits her focus between cafighting and sub wrestling and I think this would work against her in a match with Unique. The best match up I can think of is Robin aka Suzie Johnson. I understand she is starting to focus more on the real action and less of the erotic stuff so if her skills come up to par again, the match would be awesome. I wonder if Peggy Brooks is the one who choked out Unique or was that someone else? I haven't heard of her elsewhere and was wondering what her story is. See you at the clubs.

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Suzi Won't Fight Unique

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May 2 2001, 10:39 AM 

Good suggestion Tom. I too thought Suzi Johnson would be a great match for Unique. For a while, we all thought it was gonna happen, but then the usual excuses started flowing from Ms. Johnson. Both Brad and Unique went out of their way to make this match happen. They compromised on many points because they knew it was a match that several fans here requested. Heck, at one point Unique even said she'd fight topless(something she doesn't normally do)if that would get Suzi on the mat. But Suzi and a few of her cronies just clogged up Unique's old message board with alot of excuses and lies in order to avoid facing her in competition...... Perhaps she thought she could fight a better fight with words on a message board then she could in physical combat?

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