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July 12 2003 at 11:28 AM

Cathryn/Shadow/Tabetha/Gareth  (Login Shadowcat)
The Junkyard Bunch

Response to EVERYONE!!!


Cathryn grabs Starlight's paw excitedly. "I wonder who it will be?" Both queens edge to the crowd, wanting to see.

Shadow shakes herself from listening to that song, looking around for Carbon. Not seeing him right away, she joins the crowd for the Choice. This was special, and she didn't want to miss it.

Tabetha takes Imurai's paw, leading him back over to the tire. She still had Signar in her mouth, so she sat the kitten down. "This is the most important part Imurai." Tabetha informs him and Signar. "Old Deuteronomy will make the choice, and that special Jellicle will see the Heaviside Layer."

Gareth went back to pick up Sarai - literally carrying her - over to the tire. Sitting her down in the front row, after all, what's the good about being big unless you use it to your advantage now and then? This way, they both had front row seats.

Neph was surprised to no end at seeing that kiss Troub had given her sister. Hmmmm.....

[Troub I already posted. OK, I think I'm set with all my characters!]

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