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July 12 2003 at 11:21 AM

Troubador  (Login Shadowcat)
The Junkyard Bunch

Troubador could not find Lional, and wanted to head off for his other son when the signal came from Old D to call everyone together. Then the large black tom stood tall, his booming voice ringing out. "It is time for the choice! Old Deuteronomy will choose who will go to the Heaviside Layer!"

[This is reposting from below, but thought to get started on a new thread for everyone to see.]

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(Login Shadowcat)
The Junkyard Bunch


July 12 2003, 11:28 AM 

Cathryn grabs Starlight's paw excitedly. "I wonder who it will be?" Both queens edge to the crowd, wanting to see.

Shadow shakes herself from listening to that song, looking around for Carbon. Not seeing him right away, she joins the crowd for the Choice. This was special, and she didn't want to miss it.

Tabetha takes Imurai's paw, leading him back over to the tire. She still had Signar in her mouth, so she sat the kitten down. "This is the most important part Imurai." Tabetha informs him and Signar. "Old Deuteronomy will make the choice, and that special Jellicle will see the Heaviside Layer."

Gareth went back to pick up Sarai - literally carrying her - over to the tire. Sitting her down in the front row, after all, what's the good about being big unless you use it to your advantage now and then? This way, they both had front row seats.

Neph was surprised to no end at seeing that kiss Troub had given her sister. Hmmmm.....

[Troub I already posted. OK, I think I'm set with all my characters!]

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July 12 2003, 9:31 PM 

Tintally had just descended from the junkpile and was still trying to regain her bearings when she heard Troubador's call. She slowly made her way over to the group, her eyes still shining brightly. She wasn't exactly sure of the nature of the choice, but the other cats excitement was somewhat contagious. Trotting the last few paces up to the gathering, she took a seat and awaited the choice with anticipation.

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(no login)

semmura up here.

July 13 2003, 10:13 AM 

After the hug and the q he hear troubars call and told semmura."comeon lets see which unlucky cat gets chosen." He trotted up and saw imurai with tabetha teh memories came back but he shoved them away. that pshycotic tom tried to kill me.. hmpf i just hope his kitts turn out diffrently. he watched the two out of the corner of his eye as hewaited for more to come.

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(Login MsJellicle)
Nick and Sim

Paying attention

July 13 2003, 5:11 PM 

Melody moved to sit next to her papa as she watched her uncle Gareth carry over her aunt Sarai. She had to giggle at the sight.

Sarai decided not to protest as Gareth carried her over. She wanted a good seat to see who gets the honor of being chosen for the Heaviside Layer.

William stayed near Old Deuteronomy's side. He was a little concerned for the leader's health as he glanced around the junkyard at those gathering around. At the edge of the junkyard, he saw a stranger enter the junkyard.

Cat Morgan entered the junkyard. He never attended the Jellicle Ball before now. He had no desire to see who was going to the Heaviside Layer. Nor did he care to go there himself. But for some reason, he had an overpowering feeling that he should be here tonight. Morgan promised himself that he would remain only on the outskirts and not participate in any way.

From her hiding spot, Demeter saw Cat Morgan enter and was quite surprised to see him there. He very rarely comes to the junkyard, plus he has never been known to attend a Ball before.

Rumpleteazer blinked out of her daze and saw everyone beginning to gather around Deuteronomy. She glanced around for Mungojerrie but didn't see him right away.

Deuteronomy patiently waited as he sat for everyone to gather around. As he waited, he saw his brother, Cat Morgan enter the junkyard. Surprised, he reached up a paw in greeting towards the tom.

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somewhat joining

July 14 2003, 8:33 AM 

Gynesta watched as all the cats gathered in the center of the junkyard in front of Old Deuteronomy, waiting to see which cat would be chosen this year. She felt a little out of place there, but she wanted to witness the choice never the less. So she climbed up crawling over tires and old cars, and situated herself high up where she could see it all.

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Waiting for evreyone else

July 14 2003, 9:25 AM 

*She had taken her spot already (posted below), choosing to sit near William. She didn't want to crowd Dueteronomy, nor the Chosen Jellicle, but she did want a clear veiw...She also didn't want to be too close to Troubador at the moment....her feelings were still too uncertain. She waited patiently while everyone else got settled.*

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Semmura, Avion, Carbon, Kyoto
(no login)

Re: Waiting for evreyone else

July 14 2003, 10:14 AM 

Semmura followed sam up and watched with great curiosity as to the proceedings.

Avion took Jemima by the paw and smiled inviting her family to come along and watch the big event.

Kyoto and Carbon (Who never got replies on the big crash) Had looked about before walking back while Carbon scooped Shadow up into his arms to hold her.

Imurai walked with Tabetha to listen to her own relatives still finding this to be a very confusing but interesting part of the festivities.

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Tugger / Mungojerrie
(no login)

*takes Felina and walks over to Old D*

July 14 2003, 2:22 PM 

Tugger stuffed another piece of salmon into his mouth´grinning at Felina who was having a taster too, when he heard Old Deuteronomy's voice. he looked at Felina. "It's time, Felina, there's going to be a special Jellicle ceremony...come along with me." he smiled taking her paw.

Slowly Tugger moved over to the group of Jellicles collecting around Old Deuteronomy. Tugger bowed softly paying the old Tom all his respects then sat down on the ground waiting for things to start.

Mungojerrie who had been walking around from group of cats to group of cats and finding himself alone yet again felt kinda glad that Old Deuteronomy called for the chosing of the special jellicle. He hurried over to the group, picking up a few tuna sandwiches on the way from the buffet and settled down on the ground next to Tugger and Felina. He nodded to the two, not being able to say anything with his mouth full.

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Who will it be?

July 14 2003, 3:59 PM 

Jemima walked with Avion in excitement. She still held her father's paw. "I wonder who it will be!!!" she said excitedly like a kitten.

Anita walked over, hoping Satina would follow. She looked around excitedly.

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(Login LunaCat)

Re: Who will it be?

July 14 2003, 4:24 PM 

*Luna had moved to where Old D was in a silent fashion, her big brown eyes watching curiously.*

*Starlight followed with Cat, also curious, wondering who would be selected.*

*Aryk glanced up, something important was happening.* C'mon! *he grabbed Spitz's paw and waved to Telemain to get him to follow as he directed them all to join the others.*

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July 14 2003, 8:43 PM 

Gynesta could feel her claws digging into the tire that she had curled up in. She was almost too high up. The cats who gathered around looked small to her from where she was, but she could still make out their faces and hear what most of them were saying. She could hear the anticipation in their voices.
Her attention was drawn to Old Deutoronomy. She hoped that he wouldnt see her. Maybe he would think she was horrible for not participating. She lowered herself down a bit more into the old tire, still staring down at the crowd that grew bigger and bigger.

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Lil, Mk..

July 15 2003, 7:39 AM 

He glanced twods the window and sighed. It wasn't the time for games! He shook his head and picked Mk up. He tried not to sound too loud, but tried to make it, so if she was around that he could hear him. "Lil! Your brother andI will be over at the group around the Tire. It's time to pick the cat who will see the HeavySide Layer." And with that, he walked out. Even though he knew he should of gone looking for her, he didn't want to miss this event. It ment too much to hime, and the tribe.

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(Login mylittlevoices)


July 15 2003, 12:31 PM 

Satina followed Anita looking bewildered,
"What's the choice?" she asked curiously.

A junkyard CATS RPG, check it out

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Who will it be?
(Login TheGumbieCat)


July 15 2003, 12:57 PM 

THe old gumbie cat, make her way throw the group of cats till she reached luna's side, she gave a smile and held her paw. Those bright blue eyes looked at Old Duet. , the wonder was building up. "Who will it be?" She asked her self, waiting for the chose to be make.

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Re: Jennyanydots

July 15 2003, 3:33 PM 

"The choice? That's the jellicle that's picked to go to the heaviside. It's the most important part of the Jellicle Ball."

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ATTN: Desoto

July 15 2003, 3:35 PM 

Chloe watched the kittens disappear from the window. Then, she heard that it was time for the choice. "Desoto come on hurry, it's time!!!! Follow me!!!" she said excitedly like a kit.

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(Login Clepsida)

Re: ATTN: Desoto

July 16 2003, 5:43 AM 

OOC: Okay, this just figures. The choice is being made, and I have to leave tomorrow for Colorado, where I will be for 10 days on a missions trip. I ask that people please play them or at least just don't forget about them. I'll be back in 10 or 12 days to reclaim them, and then I'll want to know right away who was chosen. Well, seeya when I get back. Bye!

Purrs and paws,

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(no login)

Re: Re: ATTN: Desoto

July 16 2003, 10:26 AM 

Desoto was just about to leave when he saw where the white kitten went so he went thru the window and grabbed her.

"You should come to."

He said as he ran to catch u with Chloe and Misto and MK.

"Hey Chloe look I have a kitten."

He winked at her then walked up to Misto.

"Hey man lose someone?"

He put Lil down next to him. Then went back over to Chloe..

"So how you doing?"

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Lil MK
(no login)

Re: Re: Re: ATTN: Desoto

July 16 2003, 10:27 AM 

Lil looked at MK and Misto.

"Um are we still grounded?"

MK Shrugged then looked to Misto as well.

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