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Green eyes...

May 18 2004 at 11:08 AM
Riamonie  (no login)

Green eyes appeared from nowhere. They flashed in the very dim moonlight of the night, causing her pupils to dance. Soon, some red and black fur appeared, and a gem flickered. It was green, to match her jade-coloured eyes. Riamonie fluttered her eyelashes and said causually 'Hi. I am...' Riamonie took a dramatic pause. 'Am Riamonie' She continued, stepping out of the darkness. She stared about. 'Hmm...isn't this a little...DIRTY, for a place to live in?' She said, wiping her paw across the car. 'Errggh!' Riamonie shook her paw out at arms lenght saying 'Dust? How discraceful!' Riamonie shook her head. 'My, look at you all! How MESSY!' She snickered. 'Arent you all ment to live in houses?' She asked, laughing a bit. 'How strange' Riamonie snickered again. 'Anyway, I live here now, whatever people say!' She snorted, stuck her nose up in the air, and walked off the the car, after wiping it whit her paw and shaking it. Riamonie stared at the cats. 'Heh' she said, looking at random cats. 'Look, I live here now, and your life will never be the same. It'll be nice, promise' Riamonie purred. Riamonie licked herself seductively and, whilst that was happening, she stared at the cats again. 'My. Some are yellow, black, scarlet, oh my!' she snickered. 'None are as pretty as me! Of course!' She squealed loudly. 'Oh! You are all plain! I am not!' She laughed at them.

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