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June 28 2006 at 1:11 AM
runcorn town populus/toni 

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i think weston village barmy army is missing the point & views of some comments on here & some others too.this is a forum, for opinions wether agreed or not, that is the point of a forum...debate, but offensive remarks to any contribution are a disgrace & not needed wether you agree or not.
unfortunately we can all agree that the biggest mistake runcorn fc made was the sale of canal st & move to halton stadium.
i think we can also agree that playing in prescott or indeed witton now, is not the best move.
we all can also agree that runcorn (wether new or old) footy club hasnt got the best fan base & after past mistakes, original runcorn fans are not a tolerant bunch as proved when canal st was sold by not watching the club anymore.myself included, although i did attend some games at the halton stadium.
runcorn needs its team in runcorn, which hasnt happened with the move to witton for the new runcorn linnets, not there fault & not a critiscism but as the new people in charge would probably agree not there ideal scenario.
ideally runcorn will attract fans from surrounding areas, widnes, frodsham, helsby etc but the main fan base must be runcorn & the difficulty in my opinion is getting these fans back who have abandoned runcorn football because of past mistakes & i include myself in that catagory.
in my instance i couldnt be bothered to travel further than widnes to watch, simply because its too much effort, there again i will travel to old trafford without a thought? why? to be quite honest im not sure? wether its standard of football, facilities whatever i dont know? but that is probably what happens to a lot of ex fans.
When we were at canal st it was a walk to get to the games, i could have a pint, a pie & enjoy the game, go into the linnets club after the game, more pints & a chat & walk home. this i cant do at old trafford for obvious reasons & i cant do at witton unless i want a drink driving charge.but thats the comfort of watching your local semi pro team.
as for out of towners hey, thats always there, my son represents another town for his football & theres resentment that he lives in runcorn & not the town he represents. personally i ignore it, as does my son, hes picked to represent that town on his ability & they wouldnt have won the trophys without him so i dont give a damm.
my first wish would be that the original runcorn afc wouldve been saved & by that i mean before selling canal st, that has been probably all runcorn fans mistake. unfortunately we cant go back & change the past.
i dont agree personally with the set up of the new runcorn football club, but thats my personal opinion, more shouldve been done to save the runcorn afc, thats not to say im right or wrong? just my own opinion.
i will not be watching, attending meetings or getting involved with the new club, my runcorn fc died at canal st years ago now, but i do wish the new runcorn linnets all the best & runcorn town too.
we all love our football & want the best for our teams, i personally wont watch the new runcorn linnets unless there back in runcorn, yes i know it doesnt help, yes i know people will probably disagree with me, even attack my opinion but thats the truth.
to get the fans back, a return to runcorn is the main priority, hence the games at the pavillions for some have the attraction of being local, have a pint or two & a chat & walk home.im not saying thats what i will be doing but on a nice autumn day & i fancy taking in a game, pint & chat, that is an option, + i might get hooked & turn up as a regular, this is what the new runcorn linnets need to suceed. good luck & best wishes to you all!!

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