by technoguy


i've been playing with my new toy for several hours now and have discovered a SERIOUS problem!

I was previously worried about the presence of tritium in the dial paint and relieved to discover after applying the dark room test that there was no tritium for ME to worry about. Now, I've detected another, almost equally annoying problem.

It seems that no matter how long I charge this watch up under a bright light bulb or a full spectrum flourescent lamp, the HANDS of the watch have virtually zero glow to them!

The dot-shaped hour markers glow quite brightly after being "charged" with light, but the hour hands are so dim that, even with dark adapted eyes, I can not see the hands well enough in the dark to tell the time!

I have written the seller about this matter to alert him to the problem which I must consider a serious deflect. Perhaps something went wrong when they were mixing up the paint for the hands at the factory?

Well, I still like the overall appearance of the timepiece and its accuracy, but I expected to be able to use it in the dark too.

I'm going to have to think this over...the seller would probably give me a refund or another watch if I requested it...

a slightly disappointed technoguy

PS Knut..a lot of people shower and bath with watches on. I like to think that a NEW watch that is rated for 100 ft deep water pressures could handle a shower. However, for a vintage watch, which might have a deteriorated crown seal, this practice is definitely not recommended.

Posted on Aug 12, 2005, 6:38 AM

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