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by Scott

On that order, the europium glowstuff I ordered from United Nuclear came in yesterday-it does indeed glow at least all night,tho' it is brightest for the first hour-bright enough to read by-every bit as bright as a electroluminescent nightlight. It's in powder form,and shipped in little transparent butter-dish cups. No serious tests of it yet-it's still in the baggie the cups were sent in. The green seems brighter, but the blue looks better.Some of it is a gift for a friend of mine who is a scale modeller-since he builds mostly science fiction/aerospace models, this stuff should be of use.
The instructions suggest a 5% mix with the carrier, so an ounce should last a loooong time. I'm going to try Testor's Master Modeller clearcoat, in both gloss and flat, to see which one works best.
I doubt the clock is tritium-it's technically meant for children-tho the identical clock is used with a half-dozen cartoon characters from Betty Boop to Sponge Bob..could be either a children's or collector's clock, I suppose.
I'm going to test the blue glowstuff on a clock I have that doesn't have illuminated hands..the instructions also suggest a white basecoat for the stuff for best results,so a bottle of flat white Testor's would be handy.
The blue would look good on a watch..
In all honesty, I wouldn't worry one bit about the far and few in between medical diagnostic procedures..X-rays are on less time than an electronic flash..less than 1/1000th of a second,and digital x-rays need even less.I had an MRI last week,and what surprised me is how loud the thing is! Sounds like a giant transformer with loose core laminations.
I have some old uranium glass plates and things from the 1930' takes 4 months to lightly fog the very fast x-ray there's very little radiation there. Lots of folks have probably eaten off radioactive plates in the past..
I really wouldn't even worry about the tritium nuclear battteries for commercial use..what I think is a far greater danger would be a sloppily run North Korean or Iranian(or whoever else and their second cousin has or wants a reactor/bomb) reactor-how long would it be after a meltdown or other accident before they admitted it? It took several days for the Soviets to admit Chernobyl went fubar..My guess is neither the North Koreans or Iraninans would admit any nuclear accident-it would be detected by someone else, possibly after spewing radioactive materials for days.

Posted on Aug 28, 2005, 10:45 AM

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