About the "Blind Watchmaker"...

by technoguy


I think I read somewhere that the analogy of the "Blind Watchmaker" is used to describe how the process of evolution works. The analogy is that if one had a blind watchmaker in a shop full of parts and he kept trying to fit the parts together two at a time, then, eventually, he would succeed in assembling a working watch. In like fashion, the "blind" and also mindless laws of physics and chemistry can, if given enough time, lead to the production of occasionally "stable", and thus persistent, structures like galaxies, stars, planets, living cells, multicellular organisms, plants and animals, humanoid beings, civilizations, philosophy, mathematics, technology, science, horology, and, at the very pinnacle of it all, the Timex vintage watch collector!

Did it all really happen that way? Either it did or God made it all and then decided to rest on the 7th day after checking the date on this new calendar watch...


Posted on Oct 4, 2005, 4:59 AM

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