About that "dust cover"...

by technoguy


Perhaps what you are calling a "dust cover" is a metal shield that fits over the balance wheel coil and acts to protect that coil from external magnetic fields that could interfer with the watch's timekeeping.

If that is the case, then maybe that shield has, itself, become magnetized. If so, then that would account for it stopping the movement when it is installed. You might want to try degaussing the shield before installing it. If you do not have a commercial degausser then you can make one by wrapping an extension cord around a plastic cup and then plugging an appliance (like a toaster) into it that draws a lot of AC current. After you get that set up and there is AC current flowing in the extension cord, put just the shield in the cup and, after a few seconds, SLOWLY pull it out of the cup. This action should demagnetize it for you and, when installed in the watch's movement, it will no longer affect the timekeeping.


Posted on Oct 4, 2005, 5:08 AM

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