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If only all dr's were like yours....

by Cheryl (no login)

You were informed of PTS prior to consenting to your tubal. Your dr sounds like one that is honest and straight-forward. Yes, we do have the web nowadays, and it does allow us to find information that is helpful, BUT.. the majority of the women that will post here are post-tubal and didn't have the luxuries of an honest dr and the iternet at the time of our tubals.
We trusted our dr's 100% to NOT do anything to us that would harm us physically. I know that the dr that did my tubal never once mentioned the possibility of PTS in 93 when I had my tubal. To this day, he still denies its existence. As many dr's do nowadays. Your dr is the exception to the rule. NOT ALL dr's are that honest about the possibility of PTS. We were NOT told that this could happen to us and when we go back to the dr's complaining of complications, we are told that it is all in our heads, or just to quit whining and take the pill or something like that and it will be our miracle cure.
We have every right to be mad about what has happened to us. We are not really attacking the dr's just venting frustration over being lied to and being ignored. Unless you have been where we are, it is easy to sit back and say that we need to just get over it.
I wish I would have had the resources to research tubal ligations prior to consenting to mine. In '93, I didn't have the internet AND I COMPLETELY trusted my dr when he said that this tubal wouldn't be harmful to me. Well, he didn't say that, but he didn't tell me about any of the harmful side effects that I know are a result of a tubal ligation now. Women are researching this nowadays. We have met quite a few on our mailing list that have been considering them and found us. I am hoping that we changed their minds about their having a tubal ligation. That is why we are here, to tell women that what is happening to them is very real and quite possibly a direct result of their tubal ligation.
What is wrong with this picture? It shouldn't be up to us to tell women this, this information should come from the dr's that perform tubal ligations on women. In a perfect world, that would be the case, but in our real world, dr's won't always tell you about PTS prior to your consenting to a tubal ligation and when you do find out and question them about it, they most often say that it is not a valid syndrome. It is all in our heads and the BC pill or some other surgical procedure will be our "miracle cure." It is not in our heads, it is a very real syndrome that needs to be studied and a way found to stop it. AND, women need to be warned of the possibility of PTS as a result of a tubal ligation. We will see that this happens. It will take time, but it will happen.

Posted on Nov 10, 1998, 8:23 AM
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