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This is just a small sampling.....

by Cheryl (no login)

On our post-tubal mailing list, there are MANY more women and more herstories.
I, too, had my tubal for the same reason you did. I had lost about five babies in around four years. That pain is not something you can keep re-living. I had my second healthy baby and said, let's do the TL. I was told nothing of the possibility of anything I am experiencing now. As are the majority of women undergoing a BTL. This has GOT to change.
As for legal recourse, not a chance. UNLESS you can find a lawyer competent enough to handle a case of this nature. AND, since PTS is not recognized by the medical community as a whole, this is another strike against us.
The only hope we have is a class action lawsuit down the road. Like the women did with the breast implants, and the stewardesses did with second-hand smoke from cigarettes. This is down the road yet for us. First, we have to organize our movement and get PTS in the forefront of the news in the real world and the medical world. Once we accomplish this, I am sure we will see a floodgate open and MANY MORE women coming forward. There are many others out there, but they don't know what is wrong with them. Or, at least the REAL reasons for the symptoms they are experiencing.
I wish you the best of luck!! Join our mailing list online if you want to learn more. I hope you are not one of the women that ends up with PTS. Not all women do, but there are a BUNCH of us that have it and many more that don't know they have it yet cuz they don't have access to the net or the resources they need. They take their dr's word for it when he tells them that they are okay.
If you want to know about your ovaries, IF you can afford a reversal, at this early post-tubal, I don't see why it wouldn't work. I may be way off, I am not a dr, just a bartender with PTS. But, it has only been six months. I would say that would make you a good candidate for a reversal. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Each woman is different.
Take Care!!

Posted on Dec 4, 1998, 9:43 AM
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