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This is a good one. Susan recently posted this on their forum and got no answer. I just reposted it and added a request for an answer myself.
They don't like to discuss TL and PTS there. We have had a few major discussions going on there about it, and have had our posts removed and been banned from posting. Yeah, I'll admit, it got me riled and I was a bit rude, but they just say no such animal and let it go, not answering posts on the subject of TL or PTS. Many women go there, and to have something as important as this ignored, they are doing the women a great disservice. Women have the right to know everything prior to consenting to TL's and the various other procedures. By not allowing this topic of discussion, they are denying the women of the whole truth. If they are gonna run a site such as this, you have to be open-minded. We know that PTS exists, not talking about is not gonna make it go away. Which is the way it is here at my house. The hubby and I can't talk about it, he sides with everyone else on the issue.
Anywho, they are doing exactly what the dr's that didn't warn us of PTS did, forcing their non-belief on us. Sorry, this kind of thing makes me a bit riled. It has been one of those weekends. Things always seem to go wrong in bunches about two weeks prior to my time. *lol* The PMS is getting worse, but the periods are lightening(getting strange at any rate.) Wonder how soon meno will show up. Not having periods does sound appealing right now!! :o)
This is long, sorry, but there is the post itself yet to post. A part of it at least. *lol*
*** I AM NOT trying to say that you should go there and start something. That is NOT what I want. This is just something that I wanted to share with you. An example of how we are treated trying to make PTS recognized. *******

At Mon, 22 Mar 1999, Cheryl wrote:
I, too, would like to hear you opinions on these questions Dr's. There is much debate on the answer to them, but in YOUR professional opinions,
how would you respond to these questions? Thank You! Cheryl M. Rock


At Thu, 18 Mar 1999, susan j bucher wrote:
In your professional opinions...

What are "all" the risks of a tubal ligation?

What are "all" the benefits? (besides it being a permanent birth control)

Coalition of Post Tubal Women

Dr's response:

With all due respect, I have been to Ms. Bucher's website. I make it a point not to argue with anyone who has so much invested in a topic as to approach the fervor generally reserved for religion. Debate is one thing, but sticking my head into the buzzsaw of her selfrighteousness is above and beyond the call of duty.

William D. McIntosh, MD
Clarksville, TN

This is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace consultation and examination by your physician or other health care provider.

Posted on Mar 22, 1999, 2:06 PM
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