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Bye Tex. Alny, you still here? Could you read this proposed Diary entry real quick?

November 7 2001 at 8:48 AM
The Elf  (Login The_Elf)

Response to Actually, I'm just about out the door.

Rudyshoes news.

I know this is long, but please read. Harold Hobbit, also known as RudyShoes in these parts, has been done a deed most foul. Any of you familiar with his diary (currently on sabbatical) know already what a brilliant writer and comedian he is. You were also treated (in a very small way) to his cartooning genius as well in his most recent entries.

If you'd followed the links on his diary, then you would have eventually stumbled across Tableverse, his website that displayed his talents in several cartoon series, including a Dead Last Tuesday cartoon. His efforts, while perhaps controversial (he had his characters in some interesting religious/philosophical positions, as well as in some interesting gastrointestinal quandries) were neither obscene nor offensive.

Why, then, would TopCities delete his site with no notice? He didn't store MP3's there. He did not store pornography there. Everything he did store there was linked and related to his cartoon pages.

And why does TopCities have the policy of deleting any questions regarding deleted websites from their administrative forum without comment? Why is TopCities not returning email correspondence to Rudy regarding why they deleted his site? I don't care if they are offering free web space or not - this is not an ethical way to do business.

For the complete story of what happened, in Rudy/Hobbit's own words, you can read the following threads on Dark Tower:
My account at Topcities has disappeared!
This Topcities thing is bizarre
Get a load of this snippet from Topcities terms of use page
Here's a good read
I'm still angry

If anyone out there can offer any advice regarding this situation, the Dark Tower and Rudy/Hobbit would appreciate it. If you have a site at TopCities, express your dismay to TopCitys administrators that any site could be deleted with no notice and no explanation. If you have been a fan of Rudy's, express your dismay to Topcity's administrators that such an inoffensive, quality site has been removed.

You can leave a comment on TopCities Home Page Forum at Top Cities My Account Forum, but be prepared to have it deleted. It turns out Top Cities has a policy of deleting any posts on message boards that have to do with deleted web pages. You could also try contacting TopCities at TopCities e-mail form. Rudy says they haven't responded to his email messages yet either, but maybe they'll listen to multiple polite requests regarding the status of Tableverse. If you do write in Rudy's behalf, reference his URL in your message so that they'll know which site you are referring to.

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