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Master Quest Review: Nerves Of Steelix(OLIVINE GYM BATTLE)

December 21 2002 at 10:48 AM
Patrick  (no login)

Episode #224: Nerves Of Steelix

We're heeeeere. After an anxious night spent at the Pokemon Center, it's time for the gym battle! Misty and Brock meet up with Jemina as Ash and his Pokemon are off for...a morning jog? @_@ "We're ready!"

Ash returns to his friends, but Team Rocket's got an early-episode plan...a giant Wobbuffet statue? Ash thinks it's just an ordinary statue and puts Pikachu on the platform for luck(as the sign on it suggests)...and Pikachu gets caught. CUE THE MOTTO~!

Wobbuffet goes into reverse and Ash sends Bayleef for Razor Leaf, but it doesn't work. Jessie has a weird emotional flashback about pencil cases or something, saying that her invention was built from those emotions...heh. Onix and Jemina both send their Onixes out, but the double Tackle attack doesn't work and both Onixes fall!

Wobbuffet climbs up a nearby cliff...but SOMETHING knocks it back down! That something is...STEELIX. O_O Then Jasmine does an acrobatic leap from the cliff onto Steelix(with Brock providing impromptu background info while swooing over her ^_^). Steelix's bite is strong enough to break the robot, Bayleef uses Vine Whip to grab Pikachu, and Iron Tail knocks out the machine. Team Rocket's blastingoffagaaaaain*ding*...

Brock proclaims his love for Jasmine, astonished by her beauty and her bravery. Misty(pulling ear): "I'm astonished you haven't come up with a new routine yet..."

Misty and Brock wonder what Ash should use against steel-types...it's two-on-two. Brock suggests fire-types, so Misty figures Cyndaquil would be best.

Begin! Jasmine chooses...Magnemite! Ash chooses Pikachu! It's electric vs. electric. Mag avoids Thunderbolt, Pikachu avoids Thunderwave. Can't beat Pikachu in the speed department...but Magnemite's faster than Ash thought, as it dodges rapid-fire T-Bolts. Pikachu avoids rapid-fire Thunderwaves, Magnemite avoids T-Bolt... Ash decides to risk taking a hit, so Pikachu takes a Thunderwave to lure Magnemite into a false sense of security...BAM, Thunderbolt finally hits!

Magnemite's weakened and it tries Thunderwave again, but Pikachu goes for Quick Attack and this time Magnemite's too battered to dodge! Magnemite's out! But that took a lot out of Pikachu too... Misty: "Hang in there!"

But now for the real test...STEELIX! Steelix is part-ground so electric attacks won't work...as demonstrated by Steelix taking a full-on Thunderbolt without much effect. Brock says Jasmine's doing the same thing Ash did before, drawing the opponent into attacking...Pikachu avoids Iron Tail and tries to use its speed, but Steelix is just too strong and can't avoid it a second time. Now Pikachu's out, and Ash only has one Pokemon choice left...

Who's That Pokemon: Granbull

"Cyndaquil, I choose you!" Cyndaquil should have the advantage, but Steelix uses Sandstorm to protect itself from a Flamethrower attack! And Steelix uses the cover to Dig underground! Misty warns him about it, but Ash and Cyndaquil don't know where Steelix is gonna pop up...and it pops up right near Cyndaquil!

Cyndaquil manages to avoid Iron Tail, but Steelix keeps using the Sandstorm/Dig counter to Cyndaquil's Flamethrower! Steelix keeps popping up and trying Iron Tail, Cyndaquil keeps dodging...and when it ends up in a tight spot mid-air, Ash has Cyndaquil blast the wall to change direction!

Ash decides to use his own strategy by having Cyndaquil use Smokescreen to throw Steelix off the trail...Steelix uses Sandstorm to blow the smoke away, but Ash's plan is working...to have Cyndaquil hide in one of Steelix's Dig holes! FLAMETHROWER FINALLY HITS! Cyndaquil keeps hiding in the Dig holes, but Steelix uses Iron Tail to bash the hole, flushing Cyndaquil out...

One more Iron Tail, but Cyndaquil launches itself into the air by blasting the ground...unfortunately, it avoids the Iron Tail, but it crashes into the wall! Cyndaquil's flame is going out, but before Jemina can declare Steelix the winner, Cyndaquil gets back up...

Crunch attack by Steelix...but Cyndaquil uses Smokescreen again! Steelix hits the ground, but when Steelix tries to use Sandstorm against Flamethrower again, Ash doesn't give up the attack. He has Cyndaquil blast a continuous stream of fire, heating up the sand! Cyndaquil keeps pouring on the pressure and Steelix gets overheated in its own Sandstorm! When the Sandstorm subsides, Steelix finally falls and Ash wins! ^_^

Misty: "Great battle!"
Brock: "Great job, Cyndaquil!"

Jasmine gives Ash a well-deserved Mineral Badge! victory pose

Where to now? Good question. Brock says Mahogany Town for gym number seven...Jemina says they can just cut through Ecruteak City. Jemina hopes to battle Ash again, while Brock proclaims he'll battle his broken heart as he parts ways with Jasmine...and Misty drags him away again. ^_^"""""


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