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.....On tonight's Coach's Corner, Don Cherry stated on national TV that Dick Pound admitted he lied, that the 30% number that he is quoted as having provided was "picked from mid-air", that there was no basis whatsoever to the figures he provided months ago about drug abuse in the NHL. Cherry pulled no punches when he said that Dick Pound was a liar, that he exaggerated his percentages on a national forum...yet in a one on one interview with a New York reporter (can't remember his name, but Cherry quoted the reporter by name), Dick Pound made it clear he had no basis for his accusations against the NHL.

.....Cherry also stated that the NHL is the cleanest of all professional sports, that Hill is the first player from thousands of players tested who violated the League's drug policy.

.....As for Hill, for violating the NHL drug policy, he deserves the 20 games suspension that was leveled against him. For what it's worth, Cherry called for a 50 game suspension, and if caught again, banned for life. I don't disagree. With that said, Hill is a very isolated case...D'

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  • I seen him... nice smokescreen, Don.. smike on Apr 22, 2007, 5:30 AM