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I'm not jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon, tempting as it is.

The pivotal moment of this series was the third period of Game 2, which the Stars won 2-0. Up until that pivotal third period, the Stars had clearly been the better team. Why do I point this out? Because the Stars did something they had rarely done all year. They sat back and were grossly outplayed in the final period of a game they had to win. Call it a win, on a losing note. Had I been the coach, I would have called a time out early during the Canuck's onslaught and made sure everyone got the message that their play was unacceptable. Tippett has never been that kind of coach, and the Canucks walked into Game 3...and continued the onslaught and grabbed momentum. Game 4 made it clear to me (and every other Stars fan) that Tippett does not have what it takes to light a fire under his team, which is exactly what Vigneault did after the Canuck's equally puzzling performance in Game 6.

The reffing was horrible for a Game 7, but - from my vantage point - the Stars should have taken this series befor eit ever got to that point. Turco redeemed himself, and Stu Barnes continues to be the Stars best player in the playoffs. Both deserved a better fate.

Posted on Apr 24, 2007, 6:14 PM
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