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by smike


There can be only one winner... But!!!! every owner in the league has a stake in the Playoffs because they all share in the television revenue under the new cba. Without a Canadian team, there would be no interest ergo, no revenue to share.... ergo, on the theme that everything happens for a reason, lets us look at the end result. Ottawa, with its legion of bandwagon fans in Canada and the the only television ratings that translate into cash and whoever. Really, does it really matter which American team is in it when no one in America is watching and thats the only source of league money? Thats it Anaheim does not surprise me in the least. I said it would be a team from California two weeks ago... I also said Ottawa would be in the finals... indeed, it was the game after Brodeur got slewfooted without call and scored on a couple of seconds later... As for the west, Detroit's market will always be there, after all... its hockeytown.

And Bettmen so wants much to claim how successful California teams can be....

Posted on May 24, 2007, 7:18 AM
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