You don't have to control all aspects of the game, HR

by smike


Just balance it out if things are not going the way that you want it. Nor am I dissing any player who makes it to the conference finals as clearly they are all very good or they would not have made it this far. Buf got beat by one goal in four of five games, in three of five, that one goal came on a five on three that was as bogus as Hulls goal. On the other, it bounced off the back of the boards and went in. Two goals, BTW, were reversed from Toronto. And Alfy, Mr can do no wrong, by the way, should have been suspended just like Pronger or at least kicked out of the game wherein the incident occured. He wasn't, set up the winning goal of that game then won the next on OT.

Is it logical.

Your a money man.

Without Ottawa in the game, just how much revenue would the league make on American ratings? Even with NY in, the return would be marginal.

Posted on May 24, 2007, 3:00 PM
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