Don't care about profits?????

by smike

Oh man, I thought you were a money man, HR.

The ratings translate into money, yes.

Without the Canadian content, the NHL has squat for ratings and zero moohla to spread around during the bonus time of the year when only the owners share in the revenue. Hicks is making good money solely due to the fact that Ottawa is in the finals. With a Canadian team safely implanted throughout the entire playoff run, its money in the bank. For the entire league, not just Ottawa. They had breaks throughout the entire series that other teams did not have. YOu can call it incompetence but, sheeeet, how many times can one be called incompetent and still have a job? Pronger got smacked where Alfy did not. How bout the uncalled slewfoot on Brodeur? And lets be serious, at this level, all a team needs is one or two key breaks by the refs, one three on five, to make a difference. Thats the beauty of it, HR. At this level, tHey dont have to screw with the entire game, just step in at the key moment...

Its not the first time.

I defy you to find a copy of gretz slashing Gilmours face back in ninety three? That year, it was clearly the Kings turn to represent the west. Then there were goals through the side of the net? Or, hell, NO GOAL!

I know I will never convince you, HR, and that's alright.

I understand your feelings after no-goal and the asterix that will always be beside the Stars name on the cup.

Which is a perfect example of what I am talking about in reference to review.

Was that a conspiracy or just incompetence? I mean, did you see how fast Bettmen wheeled that cup on the ice? The lame excuses about review later and the stink that settled over the league when fans of the game realized the fix was in.

How many times can you be incompetent before your are duplicious?

Now, I believe there are a lost of shrewd cookies in the NHL and they will do anything to secure a position as the fourth great north American sport and riches. I also think that, considering their track record in attaining just such measures, this year is no different.

Posted on May 25, 2007, 7:41 AM
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