No, I didn't believe it...

by Octopus


I didn't believe that story, because the Wings played very well against most of the non-divisional rivals, too. In fact, the better the opponent, the better they played, most of the time.

Now that I'm Officially Whining About Injuries, I'd like to go on record as saying the loss of Kronwall was the beginning of the end for us. He got criticized during the year for not producing a large amount of points, as he has done in the SEL and AHL, but people forget he was essentially a rookie this year. One thing you could count on him for, was delivering at least one huge hit per game, especially in big games. Not only did this distract the other team, and get them thinking about revenge and the possibility of being hit, Kronner was great at hauling the puck up-ice and getting things rolling on offense.

Then, when Schneider went down, we lost the Big Gun on our pp, similar to what MacInnis used to provide the Blues. Between Lids and Schneider, we always had a big shooter on the ice, that didn't hurt us on defense, either.

So, that was the story on d. The rest of our guys stepped up, especially Old Man Chelios, but we really missed the scoring. The Fatal Turnover by Lilja, in game 5, I don't really blame him for--could have happened to anyone, and he did score our only goal in the game. Still, we had failed on some great pp-chances in that game, and it never should have been 1-0 at that point.

Bertuzzi was a bust, as was Calder. Both of them were playing hurt, but they sure didn't help us.

Watching the Ducks dominate the Sens last night, I can't help wondering how my team would have fared against them. Curses, foiled again.

Posted on May 29, 2007, 8:42 AM
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