Why is that, HR.

by smike

This is professional sport, not a national entity, HR.

Personally, I find it infantile that so many Canadian fans would hop on the bandwagon, wrap themselves in the flag, then claim to be supporters when, when clearly, they are just two-faced tokens along for the ride.

I see no Canadian flag on Alfies breast.

Or any other sens.

I see a commercial logo for a commercial business. Owned, surprise surprise, by a crook. (He just got a 1 million dollar fine for insider trading).

Same with the ducks.

I see a duck logo there, not Old Glory.

And you don't hear, read or see all the token bandwagon crap down there cause American fans are not so shallow as to hop on a team just cause they are based in the US. And yes, HR, I do find it pathetic that the owners of the Sens, the Leafs and the Cannucks would choose a euro Captain over a Canadian and it makes me puke when, come playoffs, they start start waving the flag around like it matters and they are true patriots. Pfffffffffffttttttt, anything to make a buck, eh?

Bogus as it can be, HR.

And embarrasing in the sense that they would attempot to connect a national flag to a professional sport that has ratings somewhere is rated somewhere dwarfs tiddlywinks in popularity....

Embarrassing, HR?.

Only if your patriot who knows the difference between national sport, sport wherein the athletes represent their country, and the NHLK. Or any other professional sport.

PS If Pronger slept around and his personal indiscretions were the reason he left Edmonton, well brother, in my eyes.... he's still a lowlife.... To be fair, I will always think he's a spoiled piece of crap ala hasek.... And, to be fair, hockey is full of low lifes. And it's not like he killed some one like, for example, Heatly. Who, I would also suggest, is a freaking irresponsible goooof!

Even if he can shooot de puck...... And a favourite of the selective memory crowd...

Posted on May 30, 2007, 5:58 AM
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