There's a line, though...

by Octopus


...where the head-hunting endangers the sport by removing too many star players from their teams, for too many games. That line has not yet been crossed, at least not recently.

Imagine if Crosby was KO'd from a playoff-series next year, by a head-shot from Pronger. I would venture to say, there would be such a public-outcry, there would be a new rule in place before the next season began.

I saw a show on CBC the other day, where some of the old-time hockey greats were chatting it up, and then there was footage of one old coot handing a trophy to Sid The Kid. Crosby was about a foot taller than the old hockey player, and that's typical in today's game. Today's players are HUGE, compared to the past, they wear harder armor, and they all lift weights religiously. They hit each other MUCH harder, as a result. The helmets that sit too loosely on most of their heads do very little to stop them from absorbing the tremendous impacts that give rise to the frequent concussions.

It's a serious problem, without an easy answer. Throwing the book at intentional head-shots, like Pronger's two recent ones, is just a start, but it's something.

Posted on Jun 4, 2007, 7:03 AM
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  • The answer is evident.. smike on Jun 4, 2007, 1:50 PM