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.......Burgie, Duckie and all Ducks Fans on the board. Ducks were full marks for the win and provided some exciting hockey as did the Sens(albeit not in the last series). I guess Anaheim changed their name too early.

Not that anyone asked, but:

A lot of controversy surrounding the playoffs regarding hard play, but that is the way it should be in the playoffs imo. I loved the hit on Holmstrom; loved the hit that Alfie dished out in Buffalo when he hit that guy from behind; loved the hit from behind that seperated Pronger's shoulder tonight too. Shows me these guys really care about winning, and will do whatever it takes.

Seems Bettman and the rest of the league and PA administrators (who all sit when they pee), are trying to take all the passion and toughness out of the game for whatever reason. But when all is said and done this stuff makes for exciting hockey and great rivalries and that can't be denied. I am looking forward to seeing Anaheim and the Wings go at it next year already. Olde time hockey...Eddie Shore, lets go.

Most bizarre incident had to be when Alfie wired the puck at Scott N. What the heck was he thinking on that play? What a stooge.

That being said, the Ducks are the most complete and toughest team I have seen in years. And what is even worse for the rest of us, is Randy Carlyle has shown he is a great coach(who knew?), and Brian Burke is one of the best GMs in the league(we all knew). It is a little early to project too far ahead, but it looks like a team may have the potential of a developing into a dynasty for the first time in decades. At any rate these guys are not going away any time soon.

If the Ducks can keep Teemu and Jiggy(or maybe even if they can't) I think these guys could repeat next year unless we see a serious contender like San Jose or Detroit make some moves...or maybe Pittsburgh or Ottawa steps up another level?


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  • Good grief FCF, where have you been?. Burgie on Jun 7, 2007, 5:04 AM