I'm not sure what Campbell wants...

by D'Artagnon77


Big Dan...

.....Have we seen any of the numbers tossed about? I haven't heard anything...but it'll probably be in the 5 Mil area.

.....I like Campbell, I'd say he's my favorite Sabres...not that that's too hard. He's not overly talented, but then again, which Sabres player is? The list is short. But Campbell has a lot of offensive potential, he could be a great PP quarterback on a good team...and I think that's going to be one of his best bargaining chips.

.....I agree with you Dan, Drury is not worth 8 Mil, but he would have stayed in Buffalo for a lot less, had only Regier not been such an idiot. The Sabres policy of not negotiating during the season is retarded, and the Sabres have no one to blame but themselves for all that's wrong in Buffalo. Again, by not negotiating with Drury and Briere, both players were lost, then, as a result, Regier was forced to pay way too much for a mediocre talent like Vanek. And now, this same policy is coming back to haunt them with Campbell, even if Regier has tried to talk to Drury. Let's be honest here Dan, Campbell is looking for advice from someone he trusts, a fellow player and previous team captain...Drury is someone Campbell looks up to, as opposed to Sabres management, whose track record of dealing with star players leaves a lot to be desired. Good for Campbell for turning the tables on Sabres management, hopefully the offers will be plentiful for Campbell once he becomes a free agent...D'

Posted on Jan 22, 2008, 8:47 AM
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