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.....Sept/early Oct. The season hasn't even started, Big Dan says there was a contract in place. If that's the case, Regier negotiated a contract he wasn't able to honor...but still, the negotiations were done, there was no reason to apply the "no negotiations during the season" rule. And, if that was ever going to come into play, then Regier should have had this completed before the start of October. There's a lot of days between when the season ends and when the next one starts, Regier should have planned better and put the focus on his two heart and sould players, instead of waiting until it was too late. And, I might add, it wasn't just Drury and Briere, it was also Tomas Vanek, and if memory serves me right, there was at least one more player...was it Zubrus? The bottom line is, Regier knew of the Sabres policy to not negotiate during the regular season, but he still waited until is was way too late to get things done. Regier messed up, and it's costing the Sabres big time...D'

Posted on Jan 24, 2008, 7:15 AM
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