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by Octopus


I had to tape today's Wings-Dogs game due to family obligations, but of course I got the score on the way home from the theater. Loved the way the Wings came out blazing in the first, though the face-plant into the boards nearly killed Franzen...thanks, Shane! Don't like nearly blowing a 4-goal lead, but those 5-on-3's are tough to kill. Our defense stood tall when it counted.

No, the injuries were all real, BD. Kronwall, for instance, was one big bruise and couldn't dress himself for a couple of days. He's now pulling big minutes and playing great again. Z you know about, he's apparently got a sprained-MCL, which is an injury with a wide degree of prognoses, depending on the severity...the Wings aren't talking, just "day-to-day." I don't expect him back in this series.

Luckily, Pavs is on fire and taking up the slack, just as Z did in the regular season when Dats was out for two injury-breaks. As long as he keeps playing like this, I like our chances against anyone.

Phoenix is bound to win one in their building, most likely Monday night. I just hope we can take one there, and come back and close them out in five. Those guys can't get too much life in them, or they'll take us 7 again, and maybe beat us.

In the meantime, I like the way the Ducks and Preds are warring, as well as the Kings and Sharks. You guys keep pounding on each other! Chicago, wake up and smell the panic, it's go time. Do or die on Sunday, for the Blackhawks' defense of their Cup.

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