No credit to the Wings?

by Octopus


I've been awake and working for nearly 24 hrs, so I can barely see to type, but I can't believe the difference between what D' is seeing and what I'm seeing in this series. I was planning to write a lengthy post before this game, expressing my appreciation to both clubs and making my humblke predictions for the end-result, but that will have to wait.

Let me just say, the Wings looked like a very tough out heading into this thing, despite their age and injuries, but nobody comes back from 3-0 to win. Except the Phlyers, over da Broons last year.

I will have more to say before the next game, I promise. Go Wings. And Darren Helm, you fine broth of a Canadian lad! wink.gif

Posted on May 10, 2011, 9:54 PM
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