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  • ladybug ideas
    • Erika (Login els12)
      Posted Aug 23, 2002 7:14 PM

      Here is my Glitterbug/LadyBug Theme. Hope it helps you with your party. If I can help with anything else, please contact me!


      Glitter Bug & Ladybug Party Ideas
      Ladybug Invitations
      Send these adorable invitations to your friends to invite them to your bug or garden themed party.
      What You Will Need:
      plain paper
      white envelopes
      red, white and black stiff paper
      hole punch
      black magic marker
      What to Do:
      Draw a ladybug on the plain paper (a small half circle for the head and an oval for the body) and cut out. Make sure the figure can fit in the envelopes you purchased. Trace the template onto the black stiff paper and cut out.
      Cut the semi circle off the template. Trace around the oval onto the stiff white paper and cut out. Glue the white oval over the black oval. Cut the template oval in half lengthwise to create two wing templates. Trace around the wing templates onto the stiff red paper and cut out. Draw black dots on the wings with the black magic marker. Put one wing in position over the white oval, and while holding the pieces together, punch a hole in the top part of the wing all the way through the bottom of the ladybug figure. Push a fastener through the hole and open it on the other side of the ladybug figure. This will hold the wing on, but allow it to move. Repeat for the second wing. Move the wings aside and write the party details on the white oval.

      Anything red and black ? streamers, balloons, a tablecloth ? will set the stage. Or check out our Glitterbug or solid-colored party supplies! (Links below.)

      Homemade Ladybug Plates
      Simply decorate a red plastic plate with licorice legs and antennae (or pipe cleaners, for a noncandy version). Four chocolate cookies make up the edible spots.


      Bug Antennae
      Make these Caterpillar Antennae for the Caterpillar Race or the Ladybug Antennae for a fun party costume.
      What You Will Need:
      green or black plastic headbands
      green or black pipe cleaners or chenille stems
      Styrofoam balls
      green or red paint
      What to Do:
      Paint the Styrofoam balls with the green paint for caterpillar antennae and red for ladybug antennae. Let dry.
      Insert one end of a pipe cleaner or stem into the bottom of each Styrofoam ball (you can use a little glue to hold it in place), and twist the other end around the headband. Attach two to each headband. (use the black headband and pipe cleaners/chenille stems for the ladybug antennae and the green headbands and pipe cleaner/stems for the caterpillar antennae). Note: Make two Caterpillar Antennae, one for each team in the Caterpillar Race.

      Inch Worm Piñata
      This cute little fellow (see link below) will be the hit of the party! Simply fill with piñata fillers and some candy for a great party activity. He also makes a great room decoration.

      What Bug Am I?
      Put a picture of a bug on each child's back. Have them try to guess what bug they are by asking questions that can be answered with only "yes" or "no". For example, "Do I have legs"? "Can I fly?" "Am I green?"

      Spider Crawl
      This can be used as an individual race or team relay. Have the children get into the spider crawl position (hands and feet on floor with head and torso facing up). Have them race to a finish line or through a course.

      Pin the Spot on the Ladybug
      This fun party game based on Pin the Tail on the Donkey is perfect for younger children.
      What You Will Need:
      Red poster board
      black magic marker
      black construction paper
      How to Set Up:
      Draw a ladybug on the poster board with the black magic marker. Draw the picture freehand or do what the Mom who planned this bug party did - she drew the picture from a card she received. You can use paint (as was used in the picture above) to add more detail to the drawing. Cut black circles out of the construction paper. Attach a loop of tape to the back of a circle before you hand it to a player.
      How to Play:
      Blindfold a player, optional, and hand them a spot. When told to go, the player will try to place the spot on a wing of the ladybug. The player who gets his or her spot closest wins.

      Caterpillar Race
      Play this fun game at your bug themed party.
      What You Will Need:
      antenna, 1 for each team
      flag posts
      masking tape
      How to Set Up:
      Divide the players into two even teams. Line the players up one in back of the other with their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them (older players can lower their heads between their arms). The first person in each line wears an antenna and is the head of the caterpillar. This game is a relay race with stations. Create the stations by making a line on the ground with the tape and placing a flag post on each side of the line. Create one less station than players on each team. For example, if you have four players on each team, make three stations. This will allow everyone a turn as the head of the caterpillar.
      How to Play:
      When told to go, the teams race from one station to the other. At each station the person in the front of the line removes his or her antenna and hands it to the next person in line who puts it on and becomes the head of the caterpillar, they then run to the back of the line (they place their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them and become the back of the caterpillar). The team then races to the next station where they repeat the procedure until they end up back at the starting line and everyone has had a turn as the head of the caterpillar.
      The team that gets back to the starting line first wins.
      Game Notes & Suggestions:
      If a person on a team lets go during the race, the team has to stop until everyone has their hands in place again.
      Neither team can leave a station until the first person in line is in place at the back of the caterpillar and the new first person in line has on the antennae.

      Grasshopper Activity
      This fun activity is super easy to set up.
      What You Need:
      Bubble wrap paper
      How to Set Up:
      Cut rectangular pieces out of the bubble wrap. Tape them to the ground in an open area.
      What to Do:
      The party guests will love the sound the bubble wrap makes as they jump on it pretending to be grasshoppers.

      Bug Hunt
      Play this fun game at your bug themed party.
      What You Will Need:
      buckets & tweezers
      vinyl bugs
      How to Set Up:
      Hide the bugs around the party area. Give each player a bucket and tweezers.
      How to Play:
      When told to go, have the players hunt for and collect the bugs with their buckets & tweezers. The player with the most bugs when time is up wins.
      Game Notes & Suggestions:
      Make a note of where you're hiding the bugs to keep track. To make the game more challenging, you can make it a scavenger hunt. Write the names of the bugs for the players to find. Give a card to each player before the game starts. Have them search for one of each kind of bug listed on their card (this is a good way to make sure everyone gets the same amount of bugs)


      Worm Sandwiches
      Cut hot dogs into thin slices lengthwise and boil or microwave until the slices curl like wiggly worms. Serve on a hamburger bun.

      Dirt Cake
      2 pkg Oreo cookies
      2 lg pkg instant chocolate pudding
      1 lg whipped topping
      2 8-oz pkg cream cheese
      1 c confectioners sugar
      3 c milk
      2 t vanilla
      Gummy Worms
      Cream the cream cheese and conf. sugar together in a bowl, Add dry pudding mix and milk, beat until smooth. Fold in cool whip and vanilla, chill. Grind Oreo cookies until fine. Layer the pudding and cookies, with layer of cookies ending up on top. Place gummy worms on top and some half-way down .

      Pizza Snakes
      If those creepy crawlers give you the creeps, here's your chance to have some fun!
      Refrigerated Pizza Dough
      Pizza Sauce
      Pizza toppings of your choice
      Simply roll out the Pizza dough in the form of a snake you want. Add sauce, toppings, and an olive for the eye. Bake at 425 degrees for 6-8 minutes.

      Ladybug Cake
      This impressive cake makes a wonderful centerpiece for your party table.
      What You Will Need:
      a box of your favorite cake mix
      1 med. round cake pan
      cupcake pan
      vanilla frosting
      red food coloring
      black licorice (twists and whips)
      junior mints
      green gumdrops
      Oreo cookies
      What to Do:
      Follow the package directions to make a medium sized round cake. Let cool. You will need one cupcake for this cake. Follow the package directions to make the cupcake (you can make Garden Cupcakes with the remaining cupcakes). Let cool. Tint some vanilla frosting with the red food coloring a little at a time until it is the desired shade of red. Frost the medium sized cake with the red frosting. Turn the cupcake upside down and frost it with the red frosting. Place the cupcake next to the medium cake. Place junior mints on the red cake in a random pattern for the spots. Place the two green gumdrops on the cake for eyes. Place black licorice in the sides of the cake for the legs (four on each side). Place two pieces of licorice whips into the cupcake for the antennae.
      Cut a licorice whip down to size and place on the front of the cupcake for a smile. Crumble up some Oreo cookies and spread it around the cake to look like dirt. Place some gummy worms in the cookie dirt. Place candles around the cake in the cookie dirt.


      Glitterbug Party Theme Supplies

      Solid-Colored Party Supplies

      Bug Party Favors

      Inch Worm Piñata

      Again, let me know if I can help with anything else!

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