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  • Wild Scavenger Hunt List
    • shannon (no login)
      Posted Aug 30, 2006 1:08 PM

      Check off each as complete. Fun for a Wild Girls Night Out!. Could be done as a team or each individual and the first person or team complete wins. The first list is for bars, the other list could be done anywhere.

      1). Collect 3 Condems from 3 different guys and have them right their first name on it.____ ____ _____
      2). Get 2 guys to buy you a drink. ___ ____
      3). Get a Guy to Talk Dirty to you _____
      4). Sit on a Guy's Lap ____
      5). Flash your bra to a good looking guy _____
      6). Smack a Hot Guy's Butt_____
      7). Perform a table dance _____
      8). Get a hot guy to give you his undies _____
      9). Get a hot guys phone # _____
      10). Boxers, Briefs or nothing, prove it_____
      11).Do a Body Shot off a guy ____
      12).Ask a Guy how Big He is____
      13).Ask a guy his most sexual fantasy____
      14). Dance with 2 guys at one time ____
      15).Dance with a Bald Guy ___
      16). Blow kisses to a stranger____
      17). Kiss the first guy who speaks to you___
      18). Wink at a guy and lick your lips____
      19).Have A Guy Serenade You _____
      20). Have A Guy Give You His Underwear/Boxers ____
      21). Order A Blow Job Shot From A Bartender (Yell out your order for others to hear)____
      22). Have A Guy Give You A Picture Of His Girlfriend.____
      23). Find the oldest guy in the place and ask him for a dance ___
      24). Get the bartender to laugh at something ____
      25). Kiss a bald man's head _____
      26). Get a piggyback ride from a stranger ____
      27). Down an alcoholic drink with a cute boy ____
      28). Dance crazy by yourself on the dance floor ____
      29). Tell a hunk your craziest fantasy ____
      30). Lightly spank a cute guy saying, "Do you want another?" ____
      31). Pretend like you are a ballerina and do a little show for a cute guy ___
      32). Point down to your bum and tell a boy how much you love your bum.___
      33). Place some makeup on your face sloppy and ask a cute guy if it is on okay
      34). Find a guy to show you his bellybutton _____
      35). Kiss a guy that has a scar____
      36). Do a lap dance for one of your friends ____
      37). Pretend like you are having an orgasm while sitting next to a cute guy____
      38). Find a guy with a bald head and rub it to make a wish ___
      39). Ask the guy with the largest muscles if you can feel them ___
      40). Find a cute guy with a tattoo and kiss the tattoo ____
      41). Collect a Business Card from a guy ____
      42). Ask a guy (not the bartender) for change for the condom machine. ___

      The basic rules of a Scavenger Hunt are that the party guests are divided up into teams, and given a list of items to return to the party with. Certain items are assigned a point value, with a time limit given. The time limit is determined by whoever is hosting the party. Here are a few suggestions.

      Worth Five Points.

      *A Condom

      * A Box Of Altoids

      * A Cucumber

      * A Can of the Groom's Favorite Beer or Soft Drink


      * A single man's Business Card

      *A copy of Playgirl Magazine

      * A Plunger

      * A Beef Jerky or Slim Jim

      * A Temporary Tattoo

      *A Magnifying Glass and Tweezers

      *A Slurpee Cup (empty)

      * A Happy Meal Toy

      * A Fortune Cookie Fortune

      *A Copy of The Bridal Registry

      * A Banana Hair Clip

      * A Sex Quiz from Cosmo, Glamour, or any Woman's Magazine

      * A Baby Bottle

      Worth Ten Points

      *A Restaurant Menu from where the engaged couple had their first meal.

      *A Centerfold Picture of a Specific Celebrity/Movie Star/ Performing Artist

      *A Whip

      * A Pair of Handcuffs

      *A Policeman's Hat

      *A Wig

      * A Witch's Hat

      *A Deck of Nude Male Playing Cards

      *Any Item of clothing with a cigarette brand/logo on it

      *Any item of clothing with a Harley-Davison logo on it

      * A Penny from the Bride's Year of Birth

      * A Penny from the Groom's Year of Birth

      *A Casino Poker Chip

      * A pen or refrigerator Magnet with the Bride's name on it

      *An expired driver's license

      Worth Twenty-Five Points

      * A Pair of the Groom's Underwear

      *A Street Sign from where the Bride and Groom will live/are living

      *A Barry Manilow Tape or CD

      *An 8-Track Tape

      *An LP or 45

      *A Slo-Poke Sucker

      *A picture of the Bride as a Baby or very little girl (if more than one, the youngest wins)

      *A picture of the groom as a Baby or very little boy (if more than one, the youngest wins)

      *An X-rated Video starring a particular Actor (John Holmes, Linda Lovelace, etc.)

      *An old Mobile Phone (circa 1990-not a small, modern cell one).

      *A Lava Lamp

      *A Male Stripper's G-String (an extra fifty points if he's in it!)

      Worth Fifty Points

      * A Betamax VCR

      *An original Nintendo or Atari Pac-Man Game

      *A Twister Game

      *One Penny Loafer

      *A Viagra Pill

      * A Rock-em-Sock-em Robot

      * A Sexual Vibrator

      *A Locket of Chest Hair (man's)

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