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help i need party ideas i'll be 13 please help

July 10 2003 at 5:35 PM
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i'm turning 13 and i have no ideas for a party please help!!!

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Some cute ideas

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July 11 2003, 5:23 PM 

Well, being 13 right now, and knowing how important it is to ahve a good party when you're becoming a teenager, I think I might ahve some ideas you might like.

One idea is to ahve a hawaiin themed/Luah party. You can make invitations on your computer, and put hawaiin based pictures on them, along with the normal information (WHere, when, who, etc...)And also tell them to dress in hawaiin clothes. As they are coming in the door, give them all flower Leas. If you have a big backyard, or room, you can ahve the type of beach chairs that aly out, in the backyard 9Or whereever you are having your party) One for each girl. You could have coconut shaped cups, and when they pick out the chair they want, give them one and fill it with hawaiin punch. You, being the birthday girl, should wear a grass skirt, jsut so you look different. You can also use Grass skirts to decorate teh edges of the tables. A pool would be a good idea, but if you don't ahve access to one, then you could always ahve a water fight, although water games are not necessary. A cute idea that I read about also, was to make little shops. A flower shop, (with leas, and tropical flower, etc...) A Ukelele Shop, (Where they make it out of tissue boxes and rubber bands)A Hawaiin Animal Shop (Where you can get stuffed, or vblown up, animals thatr are found in hawaii. Ex: Tropical fish, Flamingos, etc...) And a Hawaiin Name shop, where everyone can find otu what there name in Hawaiin is 9You can find this on the internet, by using google or anotehr search engine and searching for Hawaiin names.) You should give all the girls shells, or another type of element that has to do with hawaii, to use as money. Make certain prices for everyhting, and have Shells stand for a certain amount of money (Ex: $1= 3 shells, etc....) Then you can hand out goddy bags with other elements form Hawaii (Extra Leas, Gel pens in tropical colors, Lip Gloss in tropical flavors, etc...) And then have a cake with a Hawaiin theme,a nd open your presents. After that you can finish by jsut hanging out and chatting!

Another good party is a mall scavenger hunt. Depending on hoiw many people thee are, and if it's Boys and girls, split up evenly, with teh same amoutn of boys and girls onm each team, adn give each of the teams a list. Usually there should be no mroe than three teams. Give everyone a time limit. depending on how many items are on the list, is the deciding factor for times. Usually for every 10 items you should add an extra hour. (Ex:10,itmes 1 hour. 20 items, 2 hours. Etc...) All of the items on teh list, should be items that do not need to be purchased (Ex: Ketchup packet from Burger King, Flyer advertising a certain item, etc...) You should probably go to teh mall the night before, or morning of the scavenger hunt to makr the list. this way nothin has changed and they have a current list. After the scavenger hunt is ove, and you ahve given out prizes tot he winning team, you can paly anotehr game. Int his game you give everybody $5, and about 30 minutes. The object of teh game, is to buy as many items as possible with that $5. The person who wins can eiehr have another $5, or a prize that you have waiting. This way, everybody get s a prize, because they keep what they bought with the 45. After you ahve played this game, you can all go to either the food court and ahve a slice of pizza, guessing that your food court has a pizza place, or go to a pizza palce somewhere else. After eating your pizza it's time for presents, and then your chopice if you want cake or not. An extra factor to this is to rent a limo, and pick all of your friends up either right after school, if you have a buirthday during the school eyar and during the week,a dn want the party that night, or pick them up at their houses. Then go to the mall. Then when the party's over, you can take them all back home.

Another good idea is a hotel party. usually when you ahve a hotel party, you rent a limo to pick up all your friends. You want to ahve a hotel that has a pool, arcade, hot tub,e ct... so you can keep yourselves busy. Make sure to ahve 2 rooms. One room for all the girls, And one room for the adults. (At this party you probably wouldn't want more than girls, because there is usually only two beds, and you wont ahve room for any more, unless you get a suite and find out you canm fit more people. Otherwise you'll want to stick to only inviting 3 girls, and tehn yourself.) The night is pretty much yours after the pool and everyhting. Play Truith Or Dare, and games liek that. it'll keep you buisy for hours.

And then of course there is the regualr old sleepover at your house. You can also ahve a scavenger hunt at this party. But around your neighborhood. (Your Mom will probably want to put out flyers to the houses around yo9u tht you will be going to, make sure you have a limit for the scavenger hunt, telling them that you are havign a scavenger hunt, and not to be alarmed if groups of kids come tot eh door asking for disposable items.) You'lklw ant to make sure everyhting on the lsit is disposable. Nothing like a camera or a pair of glasses. Make it stuff like a blue rubberband, Colored saran wrap, something three different colors, etc... Put things in different groups, worth different points. ALso make sure to ahvea few things about ypu in the items list 9Ex: A penny amde the year you were born, a newspaper dated your birthdate, etc...) THis jsut makes it a little more about you. And make sure the things that are about you are worth more points than other things. Than you can have the usual dinner, cake, ice cream, presents thing. Then you can play some games. Before it gets too dark, nmaybe you and your guests could take a wlak around to some of the boys' houses that live around you. That's always fun. But when you do ahve to stay home, you might want to play some games that don't involve going too far. A good game I read about was called "Bear" it's where you seperate into two groups. The first group goes outside adn hides, (This is when ti's compeltely dark) After a couple mintues or so, the second group comes out and looks for the otehrs. WHen someone gets close to someone from teh first group, the perosn form teh first group tries to do anythign they can to scare the other person. (This is especially fun to do after you've watched a horror movie.) It doesn't sound liek much fun now, but once you are playin it is much more fun. Another game is obviously Hide and Seek and tag in teh dark. When you do ahve to come inside, play games like truth or dare, or other games to jsut talk aboiut boys or other interesting things. this could keep them occupied for a long time. especially if you're 13 year old girls. LOL.

Well I hope my ideas helped. I plan on havin a Luah this year. not exactly like I described (I wont give you all my ideas, cause it'll keep it so that it's our own creativity) but it'll be alot of fun. I thinky ou and your friends would have tons of fun with any of these ideas. Have a great birthday!

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