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Sweet 16 HELP!!!!

January 3 2004 at 10:34 PM
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Tiz  (no login)
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Hi, ok so im turning 16 in 2 weeks and have no idea what to do. I wanna have a party with about 16-18 people 6 girls and the rest guys. I dont have a theme or really want one like hawaiian or anything like that. Also i cant really do anything like rent a hotel room out for the night coz im not allowed.

All things like; dancing(coz were not really into that), pool(coz i dont have one), scavenger hunt(to hard to organise now)are pretty much all out of the question. Also just watching movies is not really a party for me coz we do that all the time anyway.

I wanted to go to the beach or lazer tag for the day and then come back to my place for dinner and music and just chill out but i dont want anyone to get bored or anything and i have no idea what else to do at my place.

I am on somewhat of a budget probably no more than $250-300.

I know ive probably made it too hard, but any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much. cya **Tiz**

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Me too!

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January 4 2004, 4:08 PM 

OMG! I am in THE EXACT same situation!!! IT's almost scarey! so yeah I had this Idea of picking up my friends from school in a limo and going out to dinner and then doing lazer tag at our boardwalk or something like that, but that's SO expensive. Themes aren't that interesting so it is kind of a bind for us January birthday gals

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Re: Sweet 16 HELP!!!!

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January 4 2004, 6:04 PM 

hey same here! my birthday is jan 11 and i have no clue what to do i thouhg about takeing acouple of good friends to a hotel on the beach and just haning out but i dont know what to do for a big party plz contact me if you think of any other ideas!!

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My 16th

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January 6 2004, 6:05 PM 

ok here is what I decided to do.The Theme is "Star Treatment"
It's kinda expensive, but I am obsessed with the limo idea. I am having a limo drive up to pick my guests and I immediately after school (they have NO idea about the limo so it's a suprise for them!). The limo package includes taking us to Pizza My Heart (FREE T-sHIRTS) and then to a bowling alley for two hours. after that we go back to my house which is decorated in Star stuff (dark blue stars color scheme:dark blue, silver, and light blue) MY mom's friend and my aunt are giving us pedicures, manicures, and a facial (they're not professionals, but it still is fun) after we are all pretty and stuff I told them to bring a nice thing to wear for dinner. We had troulbe deciding where to have dinner and since the price was already running pretty high we just decided to do it at my house with my mom, her friend, and my aunt serving us fancy stuff. after dinner are cake and presents then PJ TIME!! YAY! so yeah that's going to be my 16th b-day. hope some of my ideas helped.
OH!! BTW the total for the entire limo thing was exactly $500 for the bowling package. :) c ya

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July 28 2004, 4:00 PM 

ok. i have the same prob. but im planning my friends and we cannt swim coz its winter what do i do help any ideas

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This is what i did...

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July 29 2004, 12:58 AM 

Hi everyone its been over about 7 months or so since i posted this. It wasnt much help at the time though. But I did end up having the best Sweet Sixteen party ever. So i'll pretty much just let u all know what i did.

Well because I live in Australia and my birthday was in January during summer, i invited about 18 of my friends to the beach with me for the day. But only about 12 of us ended up going, but i wasnt really bummed because the rest came over later. That was really cool coz we just had fun being around each other and acting stupid. And i know that it may be winter so i think a really cool alternative is havin a bonfire night with marshmellows and lots of blankets and stuff.

Then we came back to my house and some of the other people came over as well. We have this room out the back which we just cleared and set up balloons and stuff like that, and i know it might sound a little childish but seriously u can never be 2 old for balloons and we had lots of fun with helium ones. lol. We had a table and sum chairs and stuff with lots of food which is very important. especially for me coz i had 12 guys and only 6 girls there.

I was so worried that everyone would get really bored so i hired a jukebox/karaoke machine, which was cool but not really necessary because we didnt use it much. If you cant afford that just use the loudest stereo system you can find in your house and be sure 2 play a wide range of music 2 suit everyones needs. We also played twister and that was really fun. You really just make most of it up as you go along. So dont stress too much. And if you want to have some real fun make sure you have a couple of cans of whipped cream on hand...oh so much fun lol. I got dared coz it was my birthday to lick a smiley face of whipped cream of my friends chest...but he loved every second of

After when it got a bit cold outside we all went inside and watch a scary movie. And while that was on everyone slowly got picked up. Except for the girls coz they all slept over and we pigged out and did girly stuff.

So the main things are:
Have Lots of FOOD!!!
Have lots of loud cool MUSIC!
And just have FUN doing whatever. All groups of people are different and have their own idea of what fun is to them.

Oh and make sure you take lots of cool photos. I got my sister 2 video tape it and it woz really fun 2 watch it afterwards. And while i watched it i realised everyone had a great time.

If you want any advice or have any questions you'd like to ask me just email me. Im more than happy to help. :-)

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