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February 20 2001 at 4:56 PM
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  Dungeon  and Dragons     The most well known of the fantasy games is Dungeons and Dragons. Although not every person who plays this and other games will become ensnared by them, they have a seductive appeal to many, especially teenagers who are vulnerable to their dangerous obsessive qualities With evidence from clinicians and law enforcement professionals, there is a rapidly growing understanding of the tragic effects that some who play Dungeons and Dragons experience.     Dungeons and Dragons is a complicated game in which each player chooses to assume the identity of an imaginary character.  Because characters with evil and violent powers generally score more points and live longer, players tend to claim powers of evil in order to have the best chance of winning Dwarfs, knights, thieves, gods, and devils, demons and also using witchcraft and magic spells control the game. This game is a journey into a land of fantasy through complicated images. Players use their wits to kill their enemies or be killed, all in the quest for power and wealth. A Dungeon Master orchestrates and referees the game, creating scenarios that are complicated and terrifying. No board is used, only dice.     Many who get involved in this particular fantasy game get more then they bargain for. Because of the basic content of this game in reciting spells and incantations asking for power in the name of Satan they become more deeply involved in other areas of satanism and witchcraft and in some cases commit murder and others commit suicide. A Not So Brief History of D&D * A Bible View on D&D * Shawn Sellers sends a letter on D&D Parent Fighting Back     Patricia Pulling founded a group called BADD, Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons, in Richmond, Virginia, when her sixteen-year-old son committed suicide after playing Dungeons and Dragons in school.     Dungeons and Dragons was explored on a "60 Minutes" segment that aired in September 1985 Host Ed Bradley described Pat and Lee Pulling returning home three years earlier in 1982 to find their son, Bink, dead on the front lawn. He had put a bullet in his heart with a handgun The parents also mentioned that their son had hundreds of note books filled with poems of dark thoughts and deeds. In a letter that Bink left he talked of a curse that was put on his character, "Your soul is mine I choose the time" He was summoned to kill himself because he was evil. A Case of Murder     In Oklahoma State Penitentiary the youngest deathrow inmate is now a 22 year old, but was 16 when he was convicted for butality murdering his mother and step~father..Sean Sellers is an intense, intelligent loner who went from being a 12 year old absorbed in playing Dungeons and Dragons to being a Satan worshiper. He would carry veils of blood to drink to quench his need for power. Shawn Sellers was put to death Dec. 1999 he was the first to be executed for a crime committed as a youth. Listen to an Interview with Shawn Sellers"We hear this all the time," Patricia Pulling says "A  mother even had her child in a psychiatric institution and the therapist kept saying, "Don't worry about it, it's just a fad." This kid was doing satanic rituals on her dining room table The game Dungeons and Dragons is presented as a way to enhance creative thought, and even some schools are using it to stimulate the imagination. But there is no warning, "DANGER! Playing this game may result in demonic possession and deathl" Astrology     Astrology was developed in ancient Babylonia as the art of foretelling the future from the juxtaposition of the sun, moon, and planets. Despite the ancient roots, it has never been more popular than it is in American culture today. Newspapers across the country carry daily horoscopes, which many otherwise intelligent people rely on to plan their days. Often people view this as a harmless activity, but in reality it is a subtle, deceptive invitation to walk the destructive path of the occult.     What is the dangers of astrology? First, it is idolatry because it seeks knowledge from a source other than God. Only He can have all knowledge. Second it provides false and deceptive knowledge that often leads people astray. Fortune Telling     The desire to know the future has driven people to seek knowledge from PALM READERS, TAROT CARDS, CRYSTAL BALLS,and FORTUNE TELLERS The practitioners of these occult arts have often had reputation of being charlatans and frauds. Somehow though, it hasn't stopped people from seeking their advice. Today we see a new type of fortune teller the PSYCHIC These occultist charge up to $250 or $300 an hour for making predictions. The availability is wide spread through famous endorsements, and on psychic lines seen on TV.  The source of their knowledge is by way of channeling through which they lend their bodies and voices to spirit entities who speak through them. Although the entities sometimes pose as interplanetary visitors or departed spirits they are in fact nothing more then demons. It is amazing that people pay for information and advice from demonic spirit that will ultimately hurt them. The apostle Paul predicted, The Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith and sound teaching of THE BIBLE to give heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons" .(I Timothy 4:1). Ouija Board     The Ouija board is another means of obtaining supernatural knowledge. Isaac Fuld, who patented the Ouija board in 1892, stated on his application that the planchette (the pointing device on which people place their fingers) was moved by a spirit force. Any time a person invites a spirit to communicate with them are leaving themselves open to demonic manifestation. Demonologists  study demon activity in people and places such as, houses Of the cases they respond to 4 out of 10 raised inhuman spirits using a Ouija board The Ouija board is nothing by itself. It's a pressed piece of board with the alphabet on it The same effect can be had with an upside down glass on a waxed table. When you use the Ouija board, you give permission for any unknown spirit to communicate with you in any way they feel. In some cases it has been documented to be violent in manner of communication. QUESTION: Would you open your front door to your home and let just anybody in? Yet that's exactly what you're doing on a supernatural level.     As it has been mentioned there are many forms of occultism that seek forbidden knowledge such as astrology and other forms of fortune telling, the Ouija board, seances. There are different levels of involvement in these practices, from surface dabbling to heavy dependence. If warned at an early stage, people involved with these things can still renounce them and free themselves from any resulting demonic influences. But getting free is much more difficult for those involved in deeper levels of occultism he lust for power dominates as in the practice of witchcraft. White  Witchcraft     Modern white witches are usually women, in some cases young adolescents who stumble upon a book or two on the subject, easily found in most school libraries.     In these books are claims to be heirs to an unbroken religious tradition stretching back into primeval history. They worship the Great Mother, the earth mother, the symbol of fertility and the oldest and most elemental of the gods. While witchcraft insists it is a religion and not an evil cult White witches draw a distinction between white magick and black magick.  But the source of power for white witchcraft, or white magick, is the same as that of black magick it is demonic Remember, any supernatural power that is not of God is obviously of Satan. The Modern Witch of Wicca     Wicca is the contemporary name for the cult of neopaganism, or white witchcraft. It has been flourishing in the west and especially in the central United States since the 1960's. Wicca also enjoys tax exempt status. Wicca believers state categorically that their 'old religion" is not involved in Satan worship.     William Schnoebelen, a former high priest in Wicca explains that there are many differences between Wicca groups. In his book Wicca: Satan's Little Lie, he describes some of the variations he found. For example some groups perform their ceremonies sky clad (nude) while others wear robes. In some groups members are scourged with a whip during a ceremony. Some covens as they are called practice ritual sex and sexual orgies; others may abstain from sexual ceremonies on certain unholy days. New Book: Satan Dethroned     There are, however, a few common elements in all Wicca and neo paganist practices A polytheistic worldveiw with a god and goddess pair.A belief in Westernized reincarnation, which does not believe in moving back to be reincarnated as animals, but only forward to be reborn as humans.A shamanistic view similar to animism, in which objects have lives and souls.Militant feminism and politically left  wing philosophiesDo your own thing morality as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else through their own efforts and ultimately attain either enlightenment or godhood.                          Broomtree  Y.E.S. for Christ pageChildren at Risk page2Check Out the ShopChat Online


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