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A Pro-Wing Chun/Jun Fan/Original Jeet Kune Do Forum


Hello Everyone!
This forum is for the discussion of Jeet Kune Do. Since the Wing Chun Gung Fu system played such an important part of our arts development, this forum is also for the discussion of things related to Wing Chun. Therefore, this is a "Pro-Wing Chun Gung Fu/Jun Fan Gung Fu/Original Jeet Kune Do" discussion forum. It is NOT for those who are trying to take the Wing Chun Gung Fu out of this art! This is also not a "JKD Concepts" forum, and it is not here for the discussion of that particular approach to training! This is also not an "MMA, grappling, UFC, NHB or sport related forum", so please avoid posting on such topics! We do not care for or appreciate the use of martial art as sport, therefore we have no need of discussing it ... PERIOD! We are all about REAL WORLD practical street self defense. You can, however, feel free to discuss anything related to Jeet Kune Do, training problems you may be having, fitness and nutrition or Wing Chun Gung Fu! I welcome all who come here for the discussion of these topics! I will ask that you please post your real name, first and last, so that others on the forum know who they are discussing topics with. No "mystery guests" please! If you do not login properly, something rather embarassing will happen on your post. Please don't find out about that the hard way! I would also appreciate it if you would follow proper login proceedure and include your email address, in case anything needs to be discussed further in private by way of email.
Also, please keep in mind that this is a "family" forum! No foul language or inappropriate posts will be allowed!
Any violations of these simple policies will cause your post to be removed immediately, so let's keep it clean!
I look forward to many good discussions on this forum! Thanks!
Sifu Lamar M. Davis II,
Executive Director/Senior Instructor


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