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WOW it`s just now becoming clear to me.

September 11 2010 at 4:18 PM
Sam  (Login punchart)
from IP address

Bruce Lee`s JKD then there is Dan Inosanto`s JKD Concepts .So there should be no confusion in this matter at all! JKD Concepts has nothing to do with Bruce Lee,except that Dan Developed Concepts off of The Late Bruce Lee`s methods of fighting. It would be easer for people to understand it like this JKD was Bruce Lee`s way of expressing himself in his Martial Arts,and JKD concepts is Dan Inosanto`s way of expressing himself in Martial Arts. Concepts shouldn`t even have JKD in the name It should be Dan Inosanto`s fighting methods! I know Sifu is getting tired of hearing about this but as long as there is Dan Inosantos JKD concepts there will be always confusion!

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Sam don't take this the wrong way.

September 12 2010, 1:23 AM 

Dan shouldn't be "demonized". Moreover some his students such as Steve Grody and Yori Nakamura do know the Original JKD curriculum that was passed from Bruce to Dan and his other students.

You have to understand, Dan (this info is from a couple of local Kali guys where I am from) never really intended to teach his friends art for fear of profiteering off of his friends name (Phillip or someone correct me if I am wrong) so the concept of the art is what was taught.

To a certain degree there is a universal similarity with all arts. I mean Kali has some moves that look very JKDish however it is not JKD. Like for examples their pak saos are different, but serve a similar purpose (moving the arm or jamming the arm to open up a hit).

Its when people in general try to take something and make it into something it isn't for profit that is corrupt.

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I see!

September 12 2010, 10:43 AM 

Dan has taught the Original curriculum to certain people,but he doesn`t like to teach it to everyone,and Iv`e heard that he has been challenged by several of his former students which would explain the why this is so. But I`m still looking at JKD Concepts like the twin brother that has his own way at this point in my studies. Personally I would chose to train in the (Shadow Of The Dragon) Over the choice of training (In The Shadow Of The Dragons Best Friend) I`m not confused any longer on this issue because I`m reducing the confusion down to this. JKD Is Bruce Lee`s expression of Martial Arts,and JKD Concepts is Dan Inosanto`s expression of Martial Arts. This to me kills the confusion. But for it to be known to the record Dan Inosanto is probably one of the Best JKD practitioners in the World when he resorts to pure JKD,and I feel this has to be so or Sijo would not have worked with Dan even to sharpen his own skills. Now as far as Concepts goes I see clearly now that Concepts is only Dan Inosanto`s Path that is causing confusion among the people who are just getting started in JKD.And those who don`t take the time to completely understand this are shallow in there studies,or just want to Train in The Shadow Of Dan.LOL

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If it helps.

September 12 2010, 1:15 PM 

Look at it in this perspective. Bruce had friends in backgrounds in other arts. Does that mean He is the one that has to fight their way? No. Does that mean that Bruce had to give them the cold shoulder or give them an inappropriate hand gesture? NO. He learned the mechanics of other styles in order to come up with efficient counters with his JKD. His friends helped him see that so long as we have two arms two legs their is always a most efficient way of fighting. By adapting to the situation he uses his JKD to counter their techniques.

Likewise with you, your not committing a serious sin if you have a friend he does karate, Muay Thai, BJJ. You can train with your friends to find counters using the tools Sifu Davis has shown you. Now if you friend wants to show you an omoplata, flying knee, or a snap kick with a chamber look at it from your advantage. You now understand the mechanics of the movement thus allowing you to find a way to dissolve it by using JKD.

So for example if you see Bubba running at you and you know he does Muay Thai, he probably going to launch a knee. You can side step, you can stop kick, you can angle out an kick etc etc.

If you have a friend who loves to grapple you know for a fact the kid wants in close. You can use your distancing and a kick to the knee and he you have flustered his games.

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I see!

September 12 2010, 1:50 PM 

Yes makes good since to me.I`m not knocking other Arts at all.I`m open minded but closed to learning other styles till I learn JKD fluently enough to explore those counters . This is walking a fine line in the world of JKD because of the things people are doing, and calling it JKD.I have trained in Koren Martial Arts with Tim Lerier,and some Karate from BOB Armstrong as a child but I really enjoy training in JKD.I will train with people who train in Karate,as a matter of fact there ia a World Renounced Karate 4th Degree Black belt that is honestly a Champion in Karate his name is David I will be soon introduced to him on the terms of how he is interested in Bruce Lees fighting methods I would love to be like Sijo Bruce able to build that kind of atmosphere without the perverting of what is JKD. And maybe God will give me that kind of understanding in due course of my Studies,but right now I don`t think I`m ready to actually intertwine though I will try! But if I see that I`m hurting anything I will disband the group quickly ! This is all on a personal level. My personal Life I would love to consist of Martial Artist all getting along,and learning from each other in there own styles.I have chose JKD they may have chosen Karate but if I train to just be good at what I do,and they to be good at what they do then we would have something that is called a working relationship! Keep In Mind I am A Member Of The hardcore JKD community,and we are Hardcore set on preserving Bruce Lees Original teachings!

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(Login odcphil)

Re: Sam don't take this the wrong way.

September 13 2010, 11:28 PM 

I read an article where Dan told Bruce that he would never comercialize JKD. I don't know if it was the same article or a dtfferent one where Dan said that people who came to train after Bruce Lee died exspected him to be just like Bruce. I quote Dan " I don't think I will ever be that good."

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Thank You Phillip!

September 14 2010, 10:42 AM 

This goes a long way in my Studies.To know that he has said that changes some things. I wonder if that was because Dan does know the whole complete Art of Jeet KUNE Do including some extras taught to him bye Sijo. Iv`e heard Sifu Davis speak of him in a good manner while being excited about being shown some JKD taught by someone who was taught by him. I would suppose that would not be Concepts maybe his name was Steve Gordy or something like that! Any way I personally just want to know the JKD Sifu Davis knows Because it has been noted that he knows the full curriculum. I would like to ask Sifu Davis if he thinks Dan has secrets in JKD that he hasn`t taught.That is one of the questions on my List of questions for Sifu. I highly respect Dan as a JKD practitioner knowing that he is the truth when he want`s to be the Truth in JKD. I simply think that Concepts creates confusion by putting JKD in the front of it. That is all and people are selling concepts and other things as JKD,and they are not JKD at all. I feel good knowing that I have Sifu davis to learn from because i`m learning real JKD! That is all that I need to know to be confident in my training!

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Re: WOW it`s just now becoming clear to me.

September 20 2010, 12:55 AM 

Like Jason said, "Dan Inosanto shouldn't be demonized." Dan is a very experienced and knowledgeable martial artist who also happens to be very good. Of anyone who might be qualified to incorporate elements of other martial arts into JKD (or vice versa), Dan would certainly be such a person.

Sifu Davis makes a serious effort to provide as much of the JKD toolset available as possible. That is a tremendous benefit to students. However, you will find that some tools work better for YOU than they do for others. Eliminating what doesn't work well for you (once you fully understand the principals) and strengthening the tools that do work for you makes you a better fighter, but not necessarily a better instructor. Is an instructor that teaches the JKD techniques he / she has honed a JKD instructor? Likewise, if an instructor like Dan Inosanto teaches the fighting techniques he knows, which includes JKD, is it JKD or JKD concepts? I hope you understand that the particular label isn't nearly as important as the competence, skill, and ability to teach effective self defense. That's true whether the label is "JKD" or "JKD Concepts."

A legitimate argument in favor of "JKD Concepts" is that if Bruce Lee had lived longer, he would have continued to refine his techniques and there would be differences in his style from where he left it. I have complete respect for this, so long as the practitioner completely understands the toolset that Bruce Lee left behind. The problem is that you have many people who take the concepts approach without ever fully understanding the original toolset Bruce Lee left (those are the instructors who should label their style "Fighting Concepts."

I'm sure you'll find some decent instructors teaching "JKD Concepts" and some lousy instructors teaching "JKD." Unfortunately, you cannot determine the merit of a particular instructor based simply on the label the instructor uses.

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I like you

September 20 2010, 12:00 PM 

You fight for what you feel strongly about.I post these things because I'm here to learn and people like you make it possible for me to learn what is what and where credit is due.I'm personally so new in JKD that I have no idea of what I'm talking about half of the time.I really apreciate the knowledge you all offer to me.Thank you and keep voicing your opinion and knowledge thanks so much!

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