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Hey Carrie...

January 28 2006 at 4:17 PM
Jo  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Oh Jo where are you.....

Wow. I feel so honoured that you're asking me for some input! I can't wait to read the next chapter and I know you'll do really well but here are my ideas:

I was thinking maybe that Belle, Shawn, Jaden and Jake can all be getting along really well and spending time together as a family I guess. Belle and Shawn can be on their "first" date or something and Hope can be watching the kids. While on their date, Hope calls them to tell them she's at the hospital and that something's wrong with Jake. They'll obviously rush over there and find out that Jake has some sort of disease and needs a blood transfusion (LOL that's so typical Days but you can make it anything you want). So Shawn, Bo, Hope and even the kids if they're not too young can donate. All the tests will come back as negative; noone was a match for little Jake. Shawn will start flipping out wondering how that can be, Belle mainly will try and will succeed to calm him down for a while and then finally he'll be forced to ask for a paternity test done. And that's when they'll all find out that Jake isn't Shawn's biological son. I really think that that needs to come out soon and now seems to be a good time. It'll cause a lot of drama and such and I know with your writing, I'd be sooooo interested in reading it. Also, they can maybe contact the biological father and maybe he'll want custody of Jake and that will lead to a custody battle and I don't know if Shawn'll win or lose, maybe win considering he's been raising him for a year. Then, they'll start asking questions about who this guy that slept with Sam is, and why she would do that and maybe through that they can find John and Marlena or get leads on where they could be. And after all that, they can even find John and Marlena and another secret can be revealed. That is up to you though cause I have no idea what would be revealed, maybe the real reason they wanted Belle to have an abortion, or whatever, i'm sure you'd think of something great. And then things can procede as you wish.

Wow, I've said a lot. Sorry to impose, but you asked for it. LOL! Anyways, it'd be nice if you used some of the things that I wrote, I really wouldn't mind if you didn't use any. Do whatever you want, it is your story. But after each chapter you write, in my responses, I can continue to offer some ideas if you'd like! Again, thanks for asking for what my thoughts. I have ideas, I just don't think I can write them as well as you could or any other authors on this board for that matter. So good luck, and you can continue to reply under this post and I'll reply to you too! I'm so excited, I can't wait for the next chapter!

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