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truth chapters 3 -6

January 30 2006 at 12:12 AM
andrea  (Login andrea30martinez)
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belle Oh my god i remember ,

marlena , honey what do you remeber

belle I remeber shawn a nd I making Love , I honestly thought it was a dream , becasue mom from what i can remem ber i I mean we were completley out if it. OH my god I have to go talk to doctor bader, i have to find out the truth.

marlena The truth about what

belle the truth about claire I have to find out if shawn is her daddy .Or if phillip is Oh my god mom what am I going to do

marlena Ok baby girl slow down , why would you think claire is shawn's

belle Ok mom when I first found I was pregnant They couldn't quite tell me how or when i concieved and it was a feww weeks off of when philip and i first got married , and at first i thought maybe it happened the first time phillip and i made love , but mom i remebered we were very care ful, now of course since we have been married we havent used anything. I have to go mom I need to know

marlena Ok belle good luck baby girl

chapter 4

lexie oh hey belle how is claire doing

belle she is fine um lexie where is dr bader,

lexie well sweetie she is on vacation i'm taking her patience oh my god belle do you think you might be pregnant again

belle no I just had to ask her a few questions.

lexie well maybe I can help

belle ok you are going to think iam totally strange , but these last few weeks I have been having dreams of shawn and i making love .

lexie ok belle well that can mean so many things .

Belle lexie you don't understand shawn has been having them too, anyway I justwent and i got hypnotized by my mother and it turns out its true .

lexie oh my god belle do you remember when this happened ?

Belle well im not sure but I remem ber it being cold i'm guessing sometime in december.

lexie Remembering when shawn and belle were brought in naked> and shawns ? to lexie (flashback

Shawn lexie is itpossible to dream something that feels so real that you actually believe it was happening?

lexie why what did you think happened ,

shawn i think belle and i made love but i'm not sure, if it was real or all in my head.

lexie well the truth is hypthermia can cause hallucinations.

Shawn it can but it felt so real. end of flash back

lexie belle i don't know how to tell you this but do you remember when you and shawn were brought here when you guys had hypothermia , well anyway shawn told me that he thought you and he had made love .

belle oh my god and thats why he asked me if i dreamt about anything , but phillip was just outside and I was afraid to say that I was dreaming of shawn . but now that I think ABOUT IT I don't think it was a dream.

Lexie i don't think it was either , belle this might explain why we could n't pin point the date you conceived.

Belle I need to know the truth lexie when was shawn and I brought in .

Lexie I would have to check the hospital computer ok hold on .

ok here we go belle black treatd for hypothermia dec 10 shawn brady december 10 , ok belle black Kirakies pregnacy test january 15th

belle lexie oh my god do you know what this means shawn could be claires father.

Lexie honey we can't come to that conclusion , remember phiilip was still here .

Belle well what can I do lexie I nned to know the truth , I need to know if shawn is the father of my baby , because if he is this changes everything.

chapter 5

Mimi is not quite sure what to do about the whole shawn being claires daddy situation

Mimi oh mom what am I going to do i think shawn and belle made love and they made calire ,

Bonnie what are you crazy , stop thinking those thoughts before you loose shawn , is that what you want.

Mimi of course not , but mom I learned my lesson with rex i'm not going to lie to shawn if claire is his he has a right to know.

Bonnie ok so you tell him you think he 's going to stay with you ? come on he's only with you because he thinks he can't have belle .

Mimi thats not true shawn loves me .

Bonnie thats right meems keep telling your self that If you want to keep your man you need to keep your mouth shut.you and I both know that if claire turns out to be shawn s belle will drop phillip on his greek ass , and shawn will drop you on yours , and they both will ride off together in the sunset.

Mimi Ok mom i'll try not to think about it .

bonnie thats my girl. you are doing the right thing.

chapter 6 belle is at shawns apartment , trying to figure out how she can get something to test shawns dna ,

belle Hey shawn listen is it ok if I use your bathroom.

shawn um sure belle but wht whould you ask, you know my home is your home.

belle Ok anyway can you hold claire .

shawn sure you know claire if things worked out differently I would be your daddy , I don't understand why I have this connection to you , I love you as if you were my own daughter.I also don't understand why when philip holds you , you are fussy but when i hold you you are not .

Claire cooing

Shawn is there something you know that I don't know .
belle you know what this is not going to work i'm just going to ask him.

belle shawn this isn't easy for me but would you consider havinga paternity test done.

shawn spits out a mouth ful of coke PSsssssssst WHAT did you just ask me ?

belle I said would you have a paternity test done

shawn I heard you but why we both know philip is claire s father.

Belle yes but now i'm not sure shawn that dream we have been having its true , and when we were brought to be treated for hypothermia that was dec 10th , lexie showed me on the computer , also I found out I was pregnant on january 15th which means i got pregnant that night in the barn.

Shawn oh my gid I remember , i remmber asking you if anything happened if you had any dreams and you said you were dreaming abourt phillip .

belle well thats because he was right out side and you know how jealous he can be.

shawn ok ill go and have one done , but how are you going to get phillip to take one .

belle i'm not sure i'll figure it out .

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