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"We were meant to be" Chapter 5

February 7 2006 at 7:28 PM

Desiree  (Login Shellefan909)
from IP address

Sorry I took so long to update. I was so busy. Hope you enjoy this chapter. I wonder if I should continue or are you guys board with this story oready let me know??

Months Passed………….

Belle was sleeping on the couch in her loft and she was dreaming of when her and Shawn got in the accident on that winter night.

Belle come on don’t leave me baby, come on Belle baby breath, breath as he leaned over and breathed life into her. Belle started to cough and she spit out the water that was in her system.

Belle looked around and seen Shawn. Shawn where are we?, what happened? as she hugged him. I’m so cold. It’s ok baby we just had a accident, don’t worry baby i’ll get us to some place warm.

Then she seen flashes of the barn and her undressing, getting naked, and how cold she was and how Shawn comforted her and they layed down together to keep warm, then…….RING………..RING……………RING…………..

“Hello” Belle said. As she answered the phone. “Belle I’m sorry honey I didn’t mean to wake you, were you sleeping.” Said Phillip. “Its ok Phillip I was getting up anyway.” Replied Belle.

“I’m on my way home from work, I just wanted to know if you wanted me to pick up something for dinner.” Phillip said. “That would be great, thank you.” Said Belle.

“No thanks needed honey, I know you have been tired lately, so I know you wouldn’t want to cook dinner tonight. I’ll see you in a bit honey. I love you Belle.” Said Phillip. “Me too Phillip” Replied Belle.

As they hung up Belle sat there on her couch pondering what her dream about the accident could be about. Why am I dreaming about that night, is there something I didn’t remember. Belle thought out loud to herself as she sat up on the couch.

Across the Hall……………

Shawn was getting ready to go out when the phone rang. Shawn hurried over to pick up the phone. “Hello” Shawn answered. “Shawn good thing I caught you before you left.” Said a woman’s voice on the other side of the phone.

“Mimi” Shawn said. “Yes Shawn it’s me, listion Phillip called me, he wants us to go over for dinner.” Replied Mimi. “I was on my way out.” Said Shawn. “Come on Shawn, it will be fun and you said yourself you and Belle are friends now, and we have forgiven each other and became friends again, what could hanging around with our friends, having a good time, enjoying each others company hurt?” Said Mimi.

Shawn sighed “Ok Mimi you convinced me I’ll go.” Answered Shawn. “That’s great Shawn, now we can tell them the good news together that we are dating. I’ll see you in a bit. Bye Shawn.” Mimi said. “Bye Mimi.” Replied Shawn.

Shawn waited for Mimi and she never came. He finally called her. “Hello” Mimi answered. “Mimi where are you” Said Shawn worriedly. “I’m sorry Shawn I’m stuck in traffic, so go ahead and go Belle and Phillips I’ll be there ASAP. Answered Mimi. “Mimi be careful I’ll see you at Belle’s then, bye.” “ I will bye Shawn” Mimi said as she ended the call.

Shawn went across the hall and knocked on the door and Belle opened the door. “Shawn what are you doing here.” Belle said surprised. As she looked at Shawn up and down, god how she missed seeing his handsome face. “Phillip invited me and Mimi over for dinner.” Shawn answered. As he thought to himself how beautiful she still looked even expecting a child she looked flawless. “Oh I didn’t know Phillip invited you two over he isn’t home yet. Come in.” Belle said.

“So how are you feeling Belle?” Said Shawn. Trying to make conversation. “I’m feeling ok, a little tired now and then but other then that I’m great.” Belle answered.
“Sit down.” Belle asked. Shawn and Belle sat on the couch talking about everyday life when all of a sudden she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. As crouched over grabbing her swollen abdomen in pain. “OOHHH…….OMG……..IT HURTS SHAWN………


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