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May 13 2006 at 8:40 PM
mia  (no login)
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Hey guys. I am so sorry for taking so long. I have had a major case of writer's block. As such, I'm not sure if this chapter is all that great, but I wanted to get something out to you guys before I leave for vacation. When I get back I'll read all your comments before starting on the next chapter so tell me what you think. (FYI - I will be back next Sunday)

John and Marlena stayed in Salem for a few more days. They had a family gathering at the Brady Pub before they returned home. Marlena confided in Belle that she felt better leaving her in Salem knowing that she had the support of such a wonderful family.

Once John and Marlena left, Shawn and Belle settled into their routines again. Belle and Mimi were both relishing being pregnant and had begun designing a line of maternity clothes for the boutique and themselves.

Shawn and Phillip commiserated about life with pregnant women. “Yesterday, Mimi cried for twenty minutes because I didn’t put my practice gear in the closet when I got home.” Phil said.

“Hey, man, I know all about the crying. I was kinda enjoying the hormone surges when they were making Belle horny, but they crying thing I could live without. She burst into tears in the supermarket because they didn’t have the olives she wanted. How do you get that emotional about olives?” Shawn asked.

He and Phillip had started having weekly basketball games so that they could compare notes on life with a pregnant woman. Neither of them had ever really been around a pregnant woman so this was a new experience for them both. Sometimes they just felt so confused and helpless because not only couldn’t they fix what upset the girls, but usually they couldn’t even figure out what exactly it was that upset them in the first place. Hope assured them both that everything the girls were experiencing was natural and did not mean that they were necessarily unhappy. She told Shawn that sometimes when she was pregnant she would find herself crying and even she didn’t know why.

Mimi and Belle meanwhile were at the boutique happily munching on their lunch of tuna fish. “Wonder what the boys are doing now?” Mimi said knowing that today was their basketball day.

“Probably complaining about us.” Belle said. “I really don’t know what’s wrong with me anymore. I cry over everything. I don’t know how poor Shawn puts up with me.”

“I’m just as bad.” Mimi replied. “I mean I know all my hormones are out of whack, but plus it is all really overwhelming. I mean there is a life growing inside me and pretty soon I am going to be expected to push it out and raise it into a responsible adult. I mean, I’m not even sure that I’M a responsible adult.” Mimi ranted.

Belle just laughed as Mimi caught her breath after her tirade. She did agree that everything was a little overwhelming. She and Mimi continued to chat about their respective pregnancies and designs as they finished their lunch.

“Hey, Lucy, I’m home.” Shawn called out as he entered his house.

“Hey, Slugger. How was your day?” Belle asked.

“Good. How ‘bout you? Good day at the boutique?” Shawn asked.

“Yeah, pretty good.” Belle answered as she continued to bustle around the kitchen.

Shawn caught her arm and pulled her towards him. “How about a proper welcome?” he said.

“What did you have in mind?” Belle asked coyly.

“How about this?” he replied before pulling her into a deep kiss.

“Well, welcome home, Slugger.” Belle said when they finally broke apart. “What are you buttering me up for?”

“Well,” Shawn said, “it has been a few weeks since we.....”he trailed off with a bob of his eyebrows. “I was hoping that maybe dinner could wait.” he finished as he began to kiss slowly down her neck.

“Mmm,” Belle moaned. “ That sounds wonderful, Slugger. Believe me, I would love to, but”

“What but? No buts.” Shawn interrupted her shaking his head. He quickly pulled her into another scorching kiss just as the doorbell rang.

“Who is that?” Shawn whined.

“That’s the but.” Belle said apologetically. “Your parent are having dinner with us tonight.”

“Great.” Shawn said sarcastically. “ Why don’t I go let them in?”

Dinner went well. Bo and Hope stayed to help clean up and have coffee afterwards despite Shawn’s best attempts to rush them home. Soon Hope noticed that Belle had fallen asleep on the couch in the middle of their conversation. “I wouldn’t be offended, Mom. She does that all the time anymore.” Shawn said.

“Well she is pregnant. It can be exhausting, I remember.” Hope said. “Well, I guess that it is time for us to go then. Maybe we can do this again sometime soon, sweetie.” Hope said kissing Shawn on the cheek as she left. Shawn carried Belle to bed after seeing his parents out and crawled in behind her.

Belle woke up to the sound of water running the next morning. Shawn walked out of the bathroom in his boxer shorts. “Good morning, Sunshine.” he said.

“Morning” Belle said with a yawn. “ I’m sorry about last night. I must have really passed out. I don’t even remember coming to bed.”

“It’s okay and you don’t remember coming to bed because you didn’t. I carried you.” Shawn told her as he leaned down to kiss her good morning.

“It won’t be too much longer until you won’t be able to carry me anymore, and then you won’t want to kiss me anymore.” Belle pouted.

“Trust me. I’ll always want to kiss you.” Shawn replied.

Belle smiled at him. “ I have an idea.” she said suggestively.

“Since you don’t have practice today, how about I come home for lunch? I’m sure, Mimi wouldn’t mind if I took a long lunch today.” Belle said.

“That sounds great, baby, but I can’t” Shawn replied.

“Why not?” Belle pouted.

“I have a meeting with coach today at 12.” he replied.

“Oh, well, tonight then?” she asked.

“It’s a date” he replied with a smile.

Belle arrived at the boutique just after Mimi that morning and got to work. She was looking through their latest designs to find some sexy lingerie to wear for Shawn tonight when she got home. They hadn’t been together since getting caught in the boutique, which was a long time by their standards. Mimi teased her about keeping her man happy, but then she decided maybe some new lingerie would be a nice little thank you to Phillip for all of her mood swings of late. The girls busily tried things on in between customers until both had found the perfect outfit.

Mimi wanted to get takeout from the Brady Pub for lunch so Belle decided to walk over the couple of blocks and pick it up since it was a nice day. She was smiling happily and humming as she walked up to the pub. She walked up to the door and saw Shawn sitting at a table by himself. ‘Maybe he got out of his meeting early and Mimi told him I was coming here. How sweet’ she thought. However, just then she noticed a woman walking towards him. As she arrived at his table Shawn got up and pulled her into a hug. Then Belle realized who the woman was.....it was Jenny. She stood there with her mouth hanging open as tears began to stream down her face. His lie from the morning kept repeating itself over and over in her head. Why would he lie unless he was hiding something? She quickly left and hurried back to the boutique.

“Hey, Belle.” Mimi said as she glanced up and saw her friend come in. Then she noticed that she didn’t have their food. “Where’s the food?” Mimi asked as she looked up again. Then she saw the tears streaming down her best friend’s ashen face. “Ohmigod, what happened to you? Are you okay?” Mimi asked.

Belle simply shook her head. “No, I’m not okay. Meems,” she sobbed, “he’s cheating on me. Shawn’s cheating on me.”

Sorry that I left you guys hanging this way. Please don't hate me.

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