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"The Man Next Door" Chapter 1

June 23 2006 at 2:14 AM
Becca  (Login becca84)
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Chapter 1

All morning Belle could not get rid of the headache that wanted to keep her head occupied for the rest of the day. She had a deadline at work to finish even though she could ask for an extension, but she was never one to use her family name to get ahead. She worked for her father’s company from the bottom on up.

“Why can I not get rid of this headache?” Belle knew exactly why. She had actually come in on her ex and best friend having sex. Yes, she knew that they were married and she was too, but it didn’t stop the pain that always seemed to come back when she saw Shawn and Mimi together. Her future was supposed to be with him. She was the one that was supposed to be making love to him…not Mimi.

“Belle! Belle! Earth to Belle!”

While Belle was in deep thought, she never saw her husband come into the room nor did she seem to notice him trying to get her attention.

“BELLE!” Philip screamed.

“Oh, uh!” Belle snapped back into reality. That’s when she noticed the man that really was her husband. “Philip, sorry. I didn’t see you come in.”

“I see that!” Philip knew what she was thinking about. He saw her look last night when they had accidentally walked in on their best friends making love. He had her number, and he would stop at nothing to make sure that Belle stayed his.

Across the hall, another couple was on the same thoughts as the couple next door. Shawn had never meant for Belle to walk in on him and his wife doing what newlyweds do. He shouldn’t be that upset about it. He loves Mimi, and what they did was natural. Then why does it bother him so much that Belle had seen them? Because of the look in her eyes when she looked at him, that’s why. Her eyes had always been the window to her soul, and he could see her heart break right before him. Something he vowed he would never do to her again. That is why he stayed away, and let her have a family with Philip. That is why he moved on with Mimi. “Shawn, baby, what are u thinking so hard about?” Mimi knew what he was thinking, but she wanted to ask anyways. She saw his thoughts clearly especially last night when Belle just came bouncing into their loft like she owned it.

“Nothing, babe. Just got lost in space for a moment, but now I am back.” Shawn didn’t want Mimi to know that his thoughts were on Belle.

“Well, I have to go to work tonight at Alice’s. You going to be ok here by yourself?”

“Yeah. I will be fine. Have fun!”

“Alright see you tonight when I get off.” And with a peck on the lips Mimi was off.

Back across the hall, Belle was putting Claire down to sleep while Philip got ready for a late night meeting at the office.
“The meeting shouldn’t last more than two hours tops so I will be back later. I love you and will see you tonight.” Philip leaned down to kiss Belle and got her cheek not her lips.

“Night, love you too.” Belle said and watched Philip go out the door.

At Titan two cars pulled up side by side. A man stepped out of one car and a lady stepped out of the other. As they approach each other, both simultaneously reach for each other and crashed into a passionate kiss.

“Mimi, its been to long.”

“I know Philip.”

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