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White Roses Ch.13

July 26 2006 at 3:23 AM

Bebe  (Login baby_blu15)
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Caution:The subject maybe a little touchy for some, so if it is I apologize.

Chapter Thirteen

Driving through the streets in a complete daze Shawn’s mind was rattling with idea’s of what they could have possibly found. What ever it was Shawn was preparing himself for the worst, but what he didn’t know was that the worst was yet to come.

It was now 3:30 in the morning and still dark outside. He parked his car on the street side and got out. Pulling his leather jacket closer to his body it was defiantly cold. Perfect weather for the autumn season. He came through the employee’s entrance of the building.

Making his way in the elevator to the 12th floor, he got out and walked towards the ISA lab. Opening the door there was a whooshing sound as air was being sucked into the room.

The door closed and the smell of chemicals immediately filled his nose. He headed to the back office of the lab where he could see Phillip and Evan discussing something. He entered the room and they both went quiet.

Getting up from the chair Phillip said hey and gave Shawn a hug. He shook Evan’s hand and sat down on the available seat next to Phillips. There was an awkward silence for a couple of minutes then Evan decided it was time to break the news.

“Well ahem ... we got test results back on the flowers and on Belle’s tests from the hospital. And from what I can say Shawn” Starring Shawn right in the eyes now. “I can’t say this is easy for me, but her tox screens came back positive for-”

He took a deep sigh before he could let the words out of his mouth. He had known Belle and Shawn for Four years.

Separately and as a couple. He knew without a doubt that they had brought the best out of each other. So telling Shawn what was shown on Belle’s tox screen was going to be the hardest thing he’d ever done in his career.

“It was positive for GHB.”

The look on Shawn’s face was heart wrenching. From confusion to shock in a couple of seconds and then he was unreadable. He closed his eyes and put his head in his hands.

“This is surreal. This can’t be happening. Belle was drugged with GHB. How the hell could that have happen? She was home alone. And why the hell would she drug herself? This makes no sense.”

He rambled off for a while. Until Phillip spoke up. “Well Shawn that’s where something else comes into play.” “What are you talking about?” “We took finger prints off Belle’s office after you found her and there was proof that another person was there with her at the time.

And before you can say it we did a fingerprint check and nothing came up. We’re sorry man.” He looked so sorry for Shawn. This had to be really had for him. To find out that the love of his life was drugged and knocked unconscious.

“Oh my God. GHB. That’s a “date rape” drug.” The realization hit Shawn like a ton of bricks. He couldn’t even get the words out of his mouth, but Evan knew exactly was he wanted to ask.

“No Shawn, it’s not what you think. She wasn’t raped. That’s not what we think the drug was used for. Two glasses of wine were also in her office. One was shattered which looked like the one her mystery guest was drinking. There were signs of liquid GHB in her glass. Those two items are not supposed to be mixed together. She was lucky that she was in a brief coma state, and not dead.”

“What do you mean ‘lucky’!?! She can’t fucking remember anything! You think that’s lucky! What the hell am I supposed to tell her? ‘Hey Belle you were given a “date rape” drug, but hey you’re lucky you didn’t DIE!’” He couldn’t take it.

Shawn was now pacing back and forth. “Could this get anymore messed up than it already is? And wait how are you sure she wasn’t raped?” “They did a standard sexual abuse test at the hospital.

I can assure you nothing happen to her sexually.” Shawn couldn’t think he couldn’t do anything. Sitting back down on the chair his head fell back and he closed his eyes. Absorbing all the information that he just received. This couldn’t be happening not to his Isabella. T

he sweetest and kindest person he knew was drugged and close to death. “Oh God what if I had been a couple of minutes late or what if I had listened to Amber and not taken her inside.” His eyes popped open at the realization of the situation.

Phillip knew what he was doing and was going to stop Shawn before he could go any further. “Shawn, buddy don’t ‘what if’ the situation. You got to her in time. She’s doing great for her condition. She’s go people who love her surrounding and helping her. Don’t beat yourself up over something that didn’t happen.”

Shawn slowly nodded. His hands rubbed his face, through his hair and then finally rested behind his neck. Taking a deep breath he got up from his seat. “I should get going. I should be home before Emily or Belle get up.” He got out of the office before Evan or Phillip could say anything.

Turning to Evan Phillip told him he’d talk to him before he could drive off in his state of mind. He exited the office and quickly caught up to Shawn. “Hey buddy, you okay?” “What do you think Phil?” “You know that I’m here for you right and so is everyone else.”

With a sigh of frustration he answered “Yeah I know it’s just that before I came things were actually really good.” “Really, how so?” “Well it’s unbelievable, but Belle actually remembered something.” “That’s amazing!” Phillip was grateful that she finally remembered something. “Okay, so what did she remember?”

“Ha. Of all things can you believe it? She remembered the banquet hall. When Ethan was named director.” “Wow well that sure is a memory to remember. It was the time of the “almost kiss” which of course you couldn’t stop boasting and complaining about for weeks.”

“And why would I be complaining?” “Did you forget. Duh because of Miriam. Anyway, if there’s anything you need call me up, but not before 10 a.m and after 11 p.m.” Giving Shawn a knowing wink. “Yeah, yeah don’t remind me. So I’ll see you later.”

“Okay, drive safe.” Shawn gave Phillip a wave and left in the elevators. He got to his car and sat there for a good fifteen minutes just contemplating of the conversation that went on.

‘Who the hell would she be talking to that would do something like that?’ The question just kept ringing through his mind and so did a million others. Starting the engine he pulled out into the deserted road.

Pushing the thoughts out of his mind he knew he had to concentrate on the road or else he would hurt himself and he couldn’t do that right now. He drove around for a while not able to go home just yet.

He knew he needed to talk to someone. Confusion just plagued his mind. He needed clarity.

Driving the familiar route to a familiar place he loved as a child he came to his Great Gans house.

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