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Lips of An Angel Chapter 2

October 29 2006 at 8:01 AM
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Chapter 2, The Next Morning..and some of the afternoon,

Shawn sat at a table at the Brady Pub, he was drinking a cup of coffee and reflecting on the night before.

It was around 9:30am.

He was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt.

Max walked in, he was wearing jeans and a red collared shirt.

"Oh, hey Shawn, whats up, man?" said Max.

"Nothing, you?" said Shawn.

"Just women problems." said Max, as the waitress sat a cup of coffee in front of Max.

"Join the club." said Shawn, as the waitress walked away.

"I thought you and Mimi were good." said Max.

"We are..I guess..anyways its not about Mimi." said Shawn.

"If its not about Mimi...who could it be?" said Max, a little sarcastically. "Whats happened with you and Belle?"

Meanwhile at Sami's apartment:

Sami was sitting in her apartment, mad at Austin and Carrie for sleeping together when Carrie was married to Lucas.

She was still in her pajamas.

There was a knock at the door.

She got up and walked over.

It was Belle, she was dressed in a knee length jean skirt and a yellow sweater.

She had a bag in her hand.

"Belle..what are you doing here?" said Sami.

"I need to talk." said Belle.

"Come on in." said Sami.

Belle walked in.

She sat the bag down on the coffee table.

"I brought coffee and bagels." said Belle, she began taking out the stuff. "Here, I got you a Mocha Frap, this is the White Chocolate Mocha Frap, for me, oh and I got Lucas a Mocha, not iced, and I got Will a Java Chip Frap." she said as she sat the coffee around the table.

Sami picked up her coffee and stirred the whip cream in it.

Belle picked hers up and did the same.

"So what did you wanna talk about?" said Sami.

"Sami, I'm a slut." said Belle.

Back at The Brady Pub:

"So you and Belle made love and it was good.....so now what?" said Max.

"I don't know..I love her so much..but I do love Mimi..in a way." said Shawn.

"Is Belle gonna leave Philip?"

"I don't know."

Back at Sami's:

"So, you and Shawn made love...you cheated on Philip?" said Sami.

"Yes, but I'm a horrible person cause I don't regret one second of it." said Belle.

"Carrie slept with Austin the other night on the roof, and you slept with Shawn on the roof, but Carrie is married to Lucas and your married to Philip...I'm the good sister for once." said Sami, as she took a sip of her coffee.

"Sami, what Carrie did is completly different.", said Belle.

"Yeah, in a way, but are you gonna leave Philip?" said Sami.

"Yes, when he gets home from his business trip, I'm gonna tell him." said Belle.

"Even if Shawn doesn't leave Mimi?" said Sami.

Belle took a sip of her coffee, obviously thinking.

Back at The Brady Pub:

"But Belle married Philip while you were away." said Max.

"No she didn't, everyone thinks or acts like she did, but she didn't, she hadn't even slept with Philip, Belle hadn't been unfaithfull to me when I got back, her and Philip had shared a few kisses, but thats it, she married Philip after I got back and she thought I was engaged to Jan. The only reason Belle and I aren't together..is because Belle got pregnant with Claire."

"Theres no way Claire could be yours?" asked Max.

"No, Belle and I never slept together before she got pregnant."

"But you guys were together for all those years.."

"Yeah, I know, we made this purity vow to wait till marriage."

Max gave him a strange look.

"Don't ask." said Shawn, taking a sip of his coffee.

Back at Sami's apartment:

"I love Philip, really, I do, but I have to leave him." said Belle.

"So unless some big crisis happens..when Philip gets back, your gonna leave him." said Sami.

"Yes...well, no, actually, I'm not gonna leave him." said Belle as she got up off the couch, coffee in tow.

Back at The Brady Pub:

"You know..we should get to work, Abby's probably wondering where we are." said Max.

"Yeah, lets go." said Shawn.

Back at Sami's apartment:

"Belle, you just said a few minutes ago you were gonna leave Philip when he got back, what now?" said Sami as she walked up behind Belle.

They heard a noise from the guest bedroom.

"Shh..thats Lucas." said Sami, as Lucas walked into the room, he had on a black robe.

"Morning Sami...Belle." said Lucas.

"Morning." they both said.

"Belle got you a Mocha Hot" said Sami.

"Oh, thanks, Belle, which one is it?" said Lucas.

"Do hot coffees generaly come in plastic cups with whipped cream?" said Sami, sarcastically, turning around, facing Lucas.

"Is your name Belle?" said Lucas.

"No, but any idiot would know that." said Sami.

"Well, your the only one in the room, so how would you know?" said Lucas.

Belle tried to keep from laughing.

Meanwhile at The Garage.

Shawn had stripped down to his white beater and was working on a car.

Abby and Max were talking.

Abby was dressed in a red top and jeans.

Shawn walked over and got a wrench, he was in a good mood and was having trouble hiding it.

He definetly had the "I got lucky last night" mood.

"Shawn, your acting very strange this morning." said Abby.

"How so?" said Shawn.

"Your just in a mood." said Abby.

"A good one?" said Shawn.

"Yeah, buts its not just a normal happy." said Abby.

Back at Sami's apartment:

Belle sipped her coffee as Sami and Lucas argued.

"You know, I should be leaving, I have to go to work, its my first day back since I've had Claire, I'll see you guys later."'

Meanwhile at The Loft:

Mimi was curled up on the couch watching tv.

She had on jeans and a black t-shirt.

She was flipping through channels.

Bonnie walked in.

"Hey sweetie." said Bonnie, shutting the door.

"Hey Mom." she said.

"Shawn at work?" said Bonnie.

"Yeah, he went in early before I woke up, Max and him are working on fixing Max's car." said Mimi.

"Ok, so, how is everything? Belle trying anything new to come between you two?" said Bonnie.

"Not lately, shes mostly been at her Moms since Philips on a business trip." said Mimi.

"This would be the perfect oppurtunity for her to try to come between your marriage." said Bonnie.

"I doubt it, I mean, if she did, and god forbid, she actually got Shawn to agree to leave me, she would want to tell Philip right away, so I doubt she'll try anything till Philip gets back." said Mimi.

"Hmm..why haven't you been working lately?" said Bonnie.

"I don't have a job." said Mimi.

"I thought you were one of the head designers at Basic Black." said Bonnie.

"Not anymore." said Mimi."Belles off of maternity leave."

"That little bitch!" said Bonnie.

Mimi gave her a strange look.

Meanwhile at Basic Black:

Belle was sitting in her office.

She was doing some designs.

Kate walked in.

"Belle, what are you doing here?" said Kate.

"I work here." said Belle.

"Oh, your back." said Kate.

"Yeah." said Belle.

A couple hours later at The Garage:

Abby and Max had decided to go get some lunch.

"Shawn, you sure you don't wanna come?" said Abby.

"I'm good, theres some stuff in the refridgerator if I get hungry." said Shawn, he was sitting at the desk writing stuff.

"Ok, we'll be back in about an hour." said Abby.

They left.

A few minutes after they left Shawn heard the door open again.

It was Belle.

"Hey you." said Shawn.

"I brought lunch." she said, holding up some bags.

"Thats sweet." said Shawn.

"Thanks." said Belle.

"What did you bring?" said Shawn.

"Chinese." said Belle.

Belle sat down across from Shawn.

They opened the bag and sat the food out.

They began to eat.

"Is this a date?" said Shawn as he ate some shrimp fried rice.

"It could be." said Belle.

"Why did you get shrimp fried rice? You don't like it." said Shawn.

"For you, silly." said Belle as she dipped a piece of chicken into sweet and sour sauce.

Shawn watched as Belle chewed her food and then took a sip of her drink.

"What?" she said when she noticed him watching her.

"Nothing..its just...I love you." said Shawn.

"Your so..." she began.

"Please don't say it." said Shawn.

"Sweet." Belle finished.

Shawn cringed.

They ate for a few minutes.

"So, after lunch, you wanna go see a movie?" said Shawn.

"Did you just ask me on a date?" said Belle.

"Yeah sorta." said Shawn.

"Its too risky." said Belle.

She bit into a egg roll.

"I am gonna leave Mimi." said Shawn as he ate a terrayki chicken wing."As soon as I can find out a way to do it."

"Yeah." said Belle.

"I do wanna be with you, ya know." said Shawn.

"I know." said Belle.

A little while later:

They had finished lunch.

"So.." she began.

They heard the phone in the main room ring.

"I'll go get that." said Shawn, he walked into the other room.

15 minutes later:

Shawn walked back into the office.

Belle wasn't there but saw the door to the little bedroom in the back was open.

He walked in.

Belle was laying under the covers on the cot, her clothes were scattered on the floor.

"Come here." she said.

He walked over, taking his shoes, shirt and pants off.

When he climbed into the cot, she was fast to take his boxers off.

He saw that she had set the sweet and sour sauce on the night stand.

He reached over and picked it up.

He slowly put some on her boobs, chest, neck and stomach.

He began licking it off as she moaned softly.

After he had finished, it was her turn.

She put some on his chest.

She began licking it off.

After she had finished she moved down and took him in her mouth.

He was caught off gaurd and almost lost his load right then.

He began breathing heavily as he stroked her hair.

He could tell he was about to come.

"Belle, I'm about to.." he began.

She pulled him complety out of her mouth and began moving her hand up and down.

After he had finished, he wiped himself off with a tissue.

"You know, I kinda lost my hard on now." he said.

"I know its ok." said Belle.

"I can..." he started, meaning he could pleasure her with his mouth.

"You don't have to." she said.

"I want to." he said.

He moved between her legs and began eating her out.She moaned out in passion.He slid his tounge deeper inside of her, as he slipped a finger in her.She moaned louder.He added another finger as she began to moan louder.He continued to pleasure her. He loved to hear her moaning and know that he was the one that caused her to moan.He could tell she was about to come so he added another finger.

"Oh Shawn, yes, yes, I'm coming, I'm coming, oh yea, mm, oh, yes, yes, yes, oh, Shaaawwwn." she moaned as she released.

10 minutes later:

They layed next to each other.

"I wanna take a shower." said Belle.

"Why?" said Shawn.

"Cuz you put sweet and sour sauce all over me, I'm sticky." said Belle.

"Theres a shower in the back back." he said.

She got up, wrapped a sheet around her and went to shower.

20 minutes later:

Belle was dressed but continuely drying her hair with a towel.

"Are you sure you don't have a hair dryer?" said Belle.

"Belle, this is a garage, not a Hilton." said Shawn, who had also took a shower and was now dressed.

Just then Abby and Max came back in.

"Hey..Belle." said Max.

"Um, hi." said Belle.

They all stood in complete silence for a minute.

"Ok, awkward, well I better get going." she said, she walked out.

Before she completly walked out, she turned around and smiled at Shawn.

He mouthed "I love you"

She blew him a kiss and then walked out.

"You are the master of deception, you know that?" said Max, giving Shawn a knowing look.

"Yeah, yeah, just don't tell Mimi yet." said Shawn.

"You gonna keep stringing them both along?" said Max.

"Well, I'm not stringing Belle along, I will break-up with Mimi." said Shawn.

"What is going on that I don't know about?" said Abby.

"Last night, Shawn slept with Belle...and then obviously again while we were gone." said Max.

Ok, not a big cliff hanger but yeah.Review and let me know what you think.

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