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"Catch Us If You Can" Chapter 2

February 5 2007 at 7:14 PM
Pammiejay  (Login Pammiejay)
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Belle gingerly pushed the door open and waited for some sounds of life. When she didn’t hear any, she pushed in further and with her eyes squeezed shut, stepped forward. The door slammed shut behind her, startling her, but she kept her eyes shut. When she heard no noises of protest, she slowly opened her eyes and looked around.

“It is empty in here 4th period” she said, stepping further in and looking around. She knew she was gawking but she was mentally taking a picture to hold in her memory. She was in no-man’s land…or rather, no women land.

She was in the men’s locker room.

She was shocked, to say the least, when Shawn had text messaged her during her class, telling her to meet him in the men’s locker room. Now she was here, completely terrified, and she had no idea where Shawn was.

“This is ridiculous” she muttered to herself, heading toward the door. “Shawn might not be able to keep his hormones under control while he’s at school but I can wait”

A door behind her opened and she paused, ready to duck into the shadows to wait. A pair of sneakers scuffed along the ground. “Belle?”

“Shawn” she breathed out, relieved, as she hurried toward him. She plowed into him, pressing him up against the lockers, her hands braced on his shoulders.

“Wow, miss me?” he asked, laughing.

“You bet” she said, leaning up on her tiptoes to kiss him. She let her hands slip under the t-shirt he was wearing to run along his solid stomach muscles, secretly longing to rip the shirt the shreds.

“Whoa, Belle, don’t start something that can’t be finished” he laughed, easing away from her tempting fingers. “We only have a few minutes before gym lets out and this place fills up”

“But Shawn…” she pouted, pressing out her lower lip and fluttering her long lashes.

“Geez” he muttered, digging into his pockets. “Here, have some candy to distract you”. He handed her a half-crushed package of conversation hearts and she dug a few out to appease him.

“They’re good but you taste better” she said, letting the bag drop to the floor as she jumped up into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. As Shawn’s hands braced on her bottom to hold her in place, he turned so that she was now propped against the lockers.

“All right, but you started it” he warned, brushing her locks aside to press his lips against her neck.

The locker room door slammed open and shut and they both froze, staring at each other wide-eyed.

“Oh. My. God” Belle mouthed, silently.

“Are you in here?” a distinctly male voice called out. Shawn silently let Belle slide down to the floor and pushed her back, trying to hide her in case someone found them. Shawn motioned to her to follow him and they silently tiptoed across the locker room, heading toward the door opposite them that led them to the hall.

When they reached a break in the lockers, which opened up to the rest of the room where the other person was, they paused.

“You go first” Belle mouthed, motioning to the open space. Shawn bolted across, unable to recognize who was there, but made it safely across the space. Now it was Belle’s turn.

She peeked her head around the locker to see when it was clear and froze when she saw it. It was Nick Alamain, one of the gym teachers. Their absolutely gorgeous gym teacher. Frankly, he was the only reason she showed up for gym class half the time. And he was shirtless, silently admiring his chiseled body in the mirror as he turned to examine himself from different angles.

Shawn rolled his eyes as he watched his girlfriend drool over their gym teacher. He was normally unhappy that he didn’t have that class with Belle but now that he saw how she acted around Mr. Alamain, he was glad he wasn’t there to witness it. He waved his hand slightly to get her attention and she finally turned to him, looking a little dazed.

“Get over here!” he muttered to himself, jerking his head impatiently. Belle took one last look and ran across the open space. Mr. Alamain didn’t seem to notice, he was too intent on flexing into the mirror.

They were almost home free when the back door opened again and someone else joined their party.

“Oh, there you are” they heard Nick Alamain say. “You kept me waiting again”

“You knew I was coming” came a female voice. “Now come here, we only have a few minutes”

Shawn and Belle stared at each other, trying to place the female voice. It hit them both at once.

“Ms. Von Amberg ?” they whispered to each other. Shawn, unable to resist, stepped up to the edge of the lockers to peek around. He hurried back, barely able to contain his laughter.

“They’re making out” he laughed. Their home economics teacher, whom they both had next period, were making out in the corner of the boys locker room with their gym teacher. As they pushed their way silently out the door, they heard someone get pushed up against the lockers in the same manner they just had.

In the hallway, they both burst into laughter at their close call and what they had just witnessed.

“Can you believe those two?” Shawn asked. “Couple of horndogs”

“Like you should talk” she said, poking him in the stomach. She saw something over his shoulder and suddenly turned and bolted down the hall, disappearing into the women’s room.

“Belle?” he called after her. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Mr. Brady” Dr. Rolf said, his accent so distinct that Shawn didn’t have to turn around. “My office. Now”

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