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  • New Fic: An Unbreakable Bond...
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      Posted Jul 12, 2006 4:00 PM


      Belle and Philip are married and are still living in the loft with their daughter Claire. Claire is really Shawn's daughter but no one knows except for Kate and maybe Bonnie, I haven't decided yet. Rex and Mimi got back together and are married with 2 children, Mandy and Tyler but they no longer live in the loft. Last but definitely not least, Shawn still lives across the hall from Phelle and isn't with anyone...Enjoy!

      I disclaim.

      Chapter 1

      “Listen, I really need to get going. My mom’s expecting me home soon,” said Claire Kiriakis. She was a beautiful 16 year old girl with wavy brown her and gorgeous brown, almost hazel, eyes. She stood proudly at 5 feet 6 inches, practically as tall as her mother.

      “Sure, thanks again for your help Claire,” replied Scott Wilson Bailey with that charming smile of his. He was 16 years old and went to Salem High with Claire. He had dirty blond hair that fell right at the nape of his neck and beautiful green eyes, the kind of eyes that you could get lost in. (A.N. Think of him as a dirty blond with green eyes version of Shawn when he had longer hair. That’s where I’m going with this!) “So it’s just you and your mom?” he asked.


      “You just said that your mom’s expecting you home. Is it just the two of you at home?” Scott asked again.

      “Umm…no we live with my dad too,” Claire replied, looking a little uneasy.

      “Oh. Sorry…” Scott wasn’t sure what to say.

      “It’s not your fault really,” Claire tried her best to reassure him. “It’s just that, well, my dad and I don’t seem to get along very well. I mean he’s great and all but I’m just not very close to him.” Claire found it so easy to open up to him.

      “I understand. Parents can be that way sometimes.” Scott flashed her one of his smiles, the smile that seemed to be reserved for Claire.

      She smiled back at him. “I really need to get going, Scott. I’ll talk to you later, ok?”

      ”You can count on it.” Again with that same smile of his; she melted every time.

      “Bye,” Claire said quickly. She rapidly walked out of DotCom without another glance behind her. She didn’t know how much longer she could stand to be in the same room as him without kissing him senseless…Woah, girl! What is up with that? Scott is just your friend. He’s never shown that kind of interest in you before, what makes you think he’ll start now? Claire did like Scott and the Last Blast Dance was coming up and she wanted him to ask her. Neither one had dates so she was hoping that he would ask her.


      Claire stepped out of the elevator with a content look on her face. She had been thinking of Scott all the way home and how they openly flirted with each other. He has to have a thing for me. There is no way he’s flirting with me just for the hell of flirting with me, right? He’s not like that, right? Even with all the questions plaguing her, she still could not wipe the smile off her face. She leaned back against the door to her loft and just sighed. She didn’t notice the person standing just a few feet away watching her with a playful smirk on their lips until she heard them clear their throat. Claire immediately looked up. The moment she looked into those eyes, the eyes that she had been looking at all her life she felt comforted.

      “Hey, I didn’t notice you standing there,” she stated casually.


      Thanks Belle!

      Thanks Kelly, Jessica and Chantal for the wonderful banners!

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