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buzzed by helicopters again...

October 19 2003 at 8:28 PM
Johnny Bob  (Login jbob)
from IP address

19 October 2003
Mt Vernon IL


Buzzed by helicopters here all day yesterday and today, I counted 17 low-level passes over our home in residential Mt Vernon. It has been extra heavy all month, a total of 58 incidents here so far in October -- running at or above record noise levels for these beasts of the sky. For further information, please reference:

So I called the Mt Vernon Airport Authority this afternoon, at about 5 PM Sunday, and naturally there was nobody there but their recording gave a number for FBO (whatever that is) 244-7746. So I called them and explained the situation. The fellow who answered the phone was nice. He said they were auctioning off helicopter rides, which was the cause of the extreme disturbance for the last couple of days - and perhaps all this month(?). He said he didn't know they were coming over Mt Vernon and would tell them there were complaints, so they should stop. Thank GOD! At last somebody halfway sane to respond to the terrible noise which they are creating here in Mt Vernon, not to mention the considerable danger involved when one of these ground-hugging whirleybirds crashes into the top of one of our tall oak trees then summersaults into our roof someday.

Those persistent, directly overhead, low level, circling helicopter buzzes did fortunately begin to subside at that point today, but only temporarily, because this problem has been ongoing for several years now. They shouldn't have happened in the first place. It may be fun & recreation for the few people participating, but it is pure torture and devastation to those of us who must try to tolerate the extreme disruptive noise levels involved. When are we supposed to get some sleep, and ordinary peace & quiet? Tell me that, please...

When is the last time one of those helicopter pilots was independently, randomly tested for drugs & alcohol? Their behaviour around here suggests that would be an excellent idea (and probably necessary)!

All we hear is they are "saving lives"? Baloney!!! They're destroying thousands of lives with their extreme noise, causing strokes-heart attacks-hypertension-insomnia-insanity-etc, and the net effect is hugely negative. When will people wake up to the truth and stop swallowing the high-priced PR propaganda they've been shoving down our throats?

End of story, except I think this sort of nonsense is totally intolerable. It needs some prompt action to put a stop to it, hopefully immediately. It's causing a great public danger and a terrible noise pollution problem in Mt Vernon. Add in the hundreds of roaming boomboxes in cars that constantly cruise our streets, and a hundred or more Harley freaks on motorcycles without mufflers (straight pipes), and it's pure hell around here. We no longer have any quality of life.

Thank you for your time.

Johnny Bob

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