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STOP "smart meters" from Ameren!

May 1 2015 at 11:15 AM
Johnny Bob  (Login jbob)
from IP address


Dear Friend/Neighbor,

I'm just starting to research this...only heard about it via postcard from Ameren on Friday, April 30. Their vanilla postcard makes no mention nor hint of the details, but I was forewarned by my sister who lives in Florida. She developed heart problems (a-fib) at about the same time as they installed "smart meters" on her house a couple of years ago. Coincidental? At about the same time she had serious property damage via a power surge which totally wiped out her house wiring and destroyed all electronic devices in her home. She had to have a heart pacemaker installed and never received any compensation from the power company for the property damage.

As a former ham radio operator, I'm generally aware of the harmful health effects of RF (radio frequency) transmitters such as will be included with these new "smart meters" on our houses. The recent proliferation of excessive RF signal noise from telephone and wi-fi transmission towers has been of major concern to me. They use frequencies in or near the microwave band which can be particularly dangerous. I had a cousin die young from cancer, which was no doubt due to his exposure to radar signals when he as in the Navy. Senator Ted Kennedy died of glioma brain cancer which can be caused by cell phones. In effect these RF signals fry our innards, similar to living in a microwave oven. This should be distinguished from ordinary remote controls (such as for a TV) which generally use low energy directional signals in the infrared frequency band, which I consider relatively harmless.

So after receiving Ameren's postcard I googled, read about it, emailed and talked to Ameren on the phone, and downloaded the details from their website and elsewhere. After mulling it over I decided "no way"! It's not worth the risk to my health and property. So I have placed "DO NOT UPGRADE" labels on my electric and gas meters. I've also notified Ameren via phone, email, and snailmail. I encourage you to do similarly.

Although not mentioned on their postcard, I believe that you can in fact "opt-out/decline". My understanding at this point is that they may try to charge an extra $20/month (or some such) for meter reading, but that should rightly be waived if we offer to read our own meters and forward the results to them monthly. If not we can complain to the Illinois Commerce Commission and ask our legislature to pass appropriate laws.

A natural assumption (incorrect) is that these new "smart meters" are primarily used to transmit our monthly electric and gas usages to the power company, so they won't have to send around meter readers. But less than 10% of the RF signal pulses are used for that simple purpose. Most (90%+) of the RF energy from these new smart meters will used for other purposes. They setup local networks so the meters converse with each other, house to house, as well as with the controllers located on telephone poles. I might have less of an objection if they were limited just to gathering the meter readings, once per month, with minimal RF energy generation. Also they could be designed as directional signals, house to telephone pole, using the relatively harmless infrared frequency band. Actually RF signals (of any kind) are totally unnecessary because they already have a wired connection to our electric meters!

I saw some special electric crews at work on North 7th Street on Friday, so they've probably already started erecting the "smart grid" on our telephone poles. They're trying to pull a fast one IMO, without informing people of the health risks, problems, and proper options. The time to stop it is now, before they get them installed. Afterwards it will be more difficult to do anything. So I believe it's very crucial to get out the word promptly in this case... Thus I've emailed the Mt Vernon Mayor, City Council, City Manager, local newspaper and radio stations. I've also placed a preliminary post on my "local message board" (link below) and may do something at my website too. Only after being fully informed of the complete details, can people decide intelligently for themselves how to proceed. Hopefully this letter helps in that regard.

I encourage you to do their own research as well. There's a ton of negative info out there. The bureaucracy is huge but you can help raise awareness and keep it off your own house.



Local Message Board (Mt Vernon IL 62864) [this message board]

Smart Meter Dangers: The Health Hazards of Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

Looming Health Crisis: Wireless Technology and the Toxification of America
This link emphasizes that the driving force may be Obama and federal funding to subsidize/promote "smart meters".

Stop Smart Meters!: FAQs + forum
You can search for "steel" in this link to find a method to help block the RF pulses from entering your home. Requires a piece of steel sheet and some aluminum screen wire. However reading further, the RF pulses may enter your house wiring nevertheless (100,000+ times per day), creating an unblockable health hazard. You will be irradiated constantly, at least one high intensity pulse every 1-2 minutes.

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