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Understanding the Root Cause of our Low-Flying Helicopter Noise Pollution in Mt Vernon IL

October 9 2002 at 4:34 PM
Johnny Bob  (Login jbob)
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Understanding the Root Cause of our Low-Flying Helicopter Noise Pollution in Mt Vernon IL

{***note the informative analysis, at the end...}


re Helicopter Noise at Hillsboro, Oregon Airport

Ref: The Hillsboro (OR/US) Argus, 3-Oct-2002

By Tim Piete

We have lived a quarter-mile due east of the Hillsboro Airport for three years. I grew up under small airport flight path in California and have always enjoyed hearing and watching small prop planes take off and land.

When we moved into our house in Hillsboro, I thought it would be similar. That has not been the case.

Most planes take off and land. No problem. That's what you would expect living near an airport. It's only noisy for a minute at a time.

The corporate jets are a little loud, but that is a small price to pay for having world-class companies located in our town. The jobs they provide far outweigh the negatives.

But the noise from helicopters is a different problem. Hillsboro Aviation needs to investigate ways to have less of a negative impact on the residents of Hillsboro.

It makes it impossible to enjoy the outdoors in your own backyard.

The busiest times are after work or on weekends, when I like to spend time with my family outdoors. The helicopters fly low and seemingly barely in control. Hillsboro Aviation is training new pilots after all.

That's not what I want to happen 500 feet over the roof of my house. The point is that this business benefits a few but hurts many.

On the other side of the coin, I respect their right to run a business. It would be nice if they sat down with the members of the CPOs to brainstorm solutions to the noise problem. There is a lot of industrial and farm land north of the airport. Why can't Hillsboro Aviation use these open areas to train new helicopter pilots to minimize the impact to the densely populated residential areas?

It would be nice if they flew at a higher altitude. It would be nice if they investigated ways to reduce aircraft noise, such as using better mufflers.

It would be nice if they would vary their flight path, so that one area doesn't get constantly pummeled.

The Argus news report on the CPO meeting (Sept. 23) noted that the city requires new construction around the area to install additional noise insulation. This sounds good, but as soon as a window is opened or you step outside, the insulation is rendered useless.

In our great climate, and with Oregonians' love of the outdoors, it is not fair that we are forced to stay inside with all the windows closed to enjoy peace and quiet.

Tim Piete is a Hillsboro resident who lives near the Hillsboro Airport. He submitted this commentary as a letter to the Argus Opinion Page.

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AviationWatch is a service provided by the ALLIANCE OF RESIDENTS CONCERNING O'HARE. AReCO is an organization dedicated to protecting the health, safety and welfare of individuals and communities that are affected by the air transport industry.

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[an informative analysis related to the above posting]

They're probably trying to get government money for the airport. Every takeoff and landing counts. If the total is big enough, they qualify for government money. That's the main reason for flight schools, simply to pump up that number quickly & cheaply. If they can get it pumped up high enough, the government will cough up 90% of funds for airport improvements & expansion. This whole problem is caused by the system for government funding of airports, and all of the small airports are scrambling to try to rake in those dollars simply by creating as much traffic (take-offs and landings) as possible. It's pure nonsense, but that's how it works. Go buy a cheap smalltown airport somewhere, start a pilot's school, then rake in the government dough. And the local citizens have no say in the noise pollution created thereby, because they're totally invisible to this government funding (payola) system.

The same applies to hospitals providing heliports for low-flying helicopters that destroy all peace & quiet in the surrounding neighborhood. They're trying to artificially inflate the takeoff and landing numbers. Every takeoff and landing counts as a point. The more points, the more government money. It's payola gone crazy! Forget about saving lives and mercy flights. That's just false propaganda for the masses. It's all about money and has always been. Greed, greed, greed...

Go figure.


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Johnny Bob
(Login jbob)

Noise driving people from town...

October 13 2002, 7:41 PM 

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