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the hellaceous helicopters are back, bigtime, worse than ever...

June 8 2004 at 10:06 AM
Johnny Bob  (Login jbob)
from IP address

After a few months of attempted "semi-quiet" operations the hellaceous helicopters are back, bigtime, worse than ever...

Probably as a result of our complaints to FAA, it could be discerned in recent months that at least some of the helicopters were using a "whisper" flight mode. That is a flight technique that is significantly less loud. The helicopter flies somewhat sideways, instead of head on, and it probably involves a special angle of the rotors and controlled speeds. I don't know the exact details, but if they do it right, it's definitely a LOT less loud. Also the flight routes may have been improved somewhat, avoiding flying over the same neighborhood ("helicopter alley") constantly. That was fulfilling what the Springfield FAA office said privately would happen, but...

Well, all of that was only wishful thinking apparently, because they're back to their old noisy methods & tricks. So far I've logged 26 passes over our house during June in the first week of the month. That's a record setting pace. If they keep it up, they'll set a new all time record for noise in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

What's really driving them to such insane levels of noise making? Is it a new body parts operation from that hospital on North 12th Street. I don't know for sure, but I'd be damn sure to sign a NO-CONSENT form before entering that hospital. Otherwise you could be sliced & diced and your organs distributed throughout the USA in very short order otherwise. A modern form of cannibalism, as I see it, as they prey on the road-kill carnage along Interstates 57 and 64. Even though human organs supposedly can't be bought & sold, that's a big bucks operation, with lots of government money for all involved. That's how this hospital is managed, with an eye for the government money as top priority - which is true of aircraft & airport operations in general. Without government support they'd go broke. I'm one who is in favor of removing all public support for such things, not a cent of our tax money should go to support such immoral acts.

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Johnny Bob
(Login jbob)

and may God save us from the helicopter cannibals...

June 29 2004, 6:42 AM 

and may God save us from the helicopter cannibals...

They buzz around picking up the roadkill along the interstate highways, take the carnage to a nearby hospital, dice'em up into usable parts (heart, lungs, liver, etc), and ship back out for organ transplants as quickly as possible. Here today, gone tomorrow. Slice'em and dice'em is their motto. Anything goes, and as quickly as possible. Even death was redefined as cessation of brain waves for a minute or so in order to make this immoral and unethical practice legal. People are not dead because there are no brain waves, and sometimes recover a long time after -- but that's not good enough for the helicopter cannibals.


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